Thursday, January 18, 2024

Thursday, January 18, 2024, Jon Michnovicz and Carl Michnovicz

Today's theme takes yet another turn, this time it's ONE[EI]GHT[IE]S. The theme answers contain rebus squares into which one wedges the letters I and E, which are then read as either IE or EI depending on placement. Where the Across answer takes an IE, the crossing Down answer requires the two letters to be flipped so they are read EI. For example, at 17A, the answer is VIV[IE]NL[EI]GH ("Actress who portrayed Scarlett O'Hara and Blanche DuBois"), and the relevant crossing Down answers are TH[EI]ND[IE]S and CR[IE]R. Quite a piece of work to find these pairings and to fit them in a puzzle, if you ask me. The remainder of the grid forfeits a little pizzazz, yielding an alphabet run (LMN), an odd C/AP or two (NOTAT for "Away from"), and a few odd plurals (TADAS, AMENS, H[EI]GHHOS), but overall is still very niece.


I was amused by the C/AP "Something that a ram and a Ram have in common" (HORN). Heh. Also, good was "Ones getting the last word in" (EDITORS). I thought the hidden capital at 1D: "Expeditions, e.g." (SUVS) was particularly sneaky. The clue "Open on Christmas, say" was a nice possible mis-direct (UNWRAP). Fill-wise, I enjoyed GROG, ANTSY, and STINGERS, although, based on the description in the clue, I don't think I'd enjoy the drink itself, but I should probably seize a chance to size it up before making up my meind.  

Adieu, cher lecteurs,

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