Monday, January 15, 2024

Monday, January 15, 2024, Peter A. Collins

Today's puzzle is a fun, fast grid with many enjoyable references of interest for this solver and a theme to put a real spring in one's step. The four theme answers are common expressions that begin with a vigorous take on events that are BOUNDTOHAPPEN: HOPONTHETRAIN, JUMPINTHESHOWER, and LEAPATTHECHANCE - ha!

After one false start, with LOll where LOAF belongs, I was off and running. The solid-but-not-stolid cluing gave the whole thing a real bounce. I particularly enjoyed "Cover for Claudius" (TOGA), "Not at all 'whelmed'" (UNAWED), "Concoct, as a plan" (HATCH), Render speechless (STUN), "Pain relief brand with an oxymoronic name" (ICYHOT), and "Citrus shade" (ORANGE) - aren't you glad I didn't say banana?

The number of personal ROIs was off the chart today, including OUI, CHIC (Très stylish), OUZO, FTROOP, PIKACHU, ANNI, NUIT, CHIA pet, and SIL ("The 'S' of R.S.V.P.). Fill-wise, I enjoyed TWISTS, GASH, SEETHE, JOSTLE, and, something of an outlier in this group I note, TACQUITO - cute!

61D: ALP

I can't quite remember if I saw her name in another recent puzzle, or in an archive puzzle I was looking at, but today's MALIAOBAMA made me wonder what she thinks about being a crossword puzzle darling. I know that if I ever get famous, I'm going to do it using a nom de plume that would beguile puzzle constructors as a bid to extend my 15 minutes. :)


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  1. I, too, entered LOll at first, and "oil" for GAS... not a strong start. Heh. But the ship was righted eventually.

    I really enjoyed the theme, and like you say, the cluing was solid and there wasn't much to complain about. And it's always nice to be reminded of FTROOP ... but should I even be referencing that show today? ...