Saturday, January 13, 2024

Saturday, January 13, 2024, Hoang-Kim Vu

I think one sign that you may have spent too much time doing crosswords is that, when you come across the clue "Crag," you immediately enter TOR. ...

JIA Tolentino

In other news, I feel like there was a mini love theme in here. One is ENAMORED (Smitten), then finds TRUELOVE (Romantic's quest), says YESIDO, becomes ASONE, then takes a BABYMOON (Trip before a delivery), before buying a ONESIE (First garment, perhaps). Or maybe that's just me.

Strong C/APs today included "Sound in a clearing?" (AHEM), "Ascribe, as blame" (IMPUTE) (fancy!), "Take a round trip" (ORBIT), "One called to go places" (CAB), and the amusingly straightforward "Something you might kick" (ASS). 

The grid is run through by three lively, vertical 15-letter pins: THISISPOINTLESS ("Aargh, why bother?!"), ABOVEMYPAYGRADE ("That's why you get the big bucks and not me"), and TOOKITONTHECHIN (Stoically endured misfortune), and there's very little that I find to complain about.

Overall, a decent Saturday.

- Horace

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