Saturday, January 20, 2024

Saturday, January 20, 2024, Caitlin Reid and Matthew Stock

A FINE Saturday puzzle rounds out the week. As seems to be forever the case, I get stuck in one particular place. I suppose that's better than getting stuck in many places, but still. Today's problem area occurred at the cross between an unknown-to-me "Plant-based protein brand" at14A, and the problematic Down clue was "Rap pioneers, slangily." Anyhoo, I ran the alphabet on INCO_MEATO and realized that G resulted in the amusing name INCOGMEATO. I've never seen it - maybe it's regional? - but I'll keep an eye out for it at the supermarket. The Down turned out to be OGS. Horace tells me that is short for Original Gangsters - learn something new everyday thanks to the NYTX. My total solve time today was just under 30 (29:29) - good for this solver, but not the ACME of puzzledom by any means.

Some of my half hour was used to PORE over several clever attempts at misdirection in today's clues, including "Gardener's item that breaks down a lot" (COMPOSTBIN), "Something that may be hard to drink?" (CIDER), and "Signature items" (PENS). 


In addition to those clever entries, a STARSEARCH for today's best clues came up with multiple winners: 
"Plans a getaway for, perhaps" (ABETS)
"Beverage with an oxymoronic name" (FIREWATER) - heh.
"Tried to take a seat?" (RAN)
"Bad drawing?" (SHORTSTRAW)
"See what's in store?" (SHOP) - ha!

TOBEHONEST, there were a few C/APs that didn't quite sing to me, "Got ready"/RIPENED for one. Maybe I'm being to fussy, but "got ready" seems to me to indicate some level of intention that is absent from the process of ripening. I thought "View with disdain" for HATEWATCH was a clever idea, but thought the word 'disdain' missed the mark slightly. I didn't like either answer for "More golden, say" (PURER or RARER), but I suppose ITDEPENDS on how one thinks of the word 'golden.' 

BACONATOR is a great name, and probably good fill, although I don't eat them myself. Also, I always love to see SEETHE. Starting tomorrow, dear Readers, you'll have some NEWTS takes on the puzzle from our esteemed co-blogger Philbo. Enjoy! 


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  1. I liked this one. Nice difficult, chunky way to round out the week! I am willing to give RIPENED a pass, despite also having some mild reservations.
    Our family vacationed with Paul RUDD once, quite by accident. He's a nice guy in real life and was especially cool with one of our kids, who was 11 at the time.