Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014, Greg Johnson


So, no revealer today. Is it a Monday themeless, after the themed Saturday? Well, let's see... there's a lot of "B" answers - BLUNDERBUSS (Muzzle-loading firearm), STUMBLEBUM (28D: Second-rate prizefighter), BUMBLEBEES (11D: Big pollinators)... is that what it is? B-related answers? But let's see... there's that MYBAD (37A: "Oops!") in the center. Aha! It's a KLUTZ (49D: One who might cry "Oops!")-progression! Very nice. If only Mr. Johnson had been able to work in Chevy Chase somehow...

The fill is very clean, too, I think. I enjoyed ALTA (17A: Baja's opposite) and BEAMS (44A: Smiles proudly), and APLOMB (48A: Self-confidence) is a nice word. And I suppose I have heard once (or more) that AKRON is the 48A: All-American Soap Box Derby city, but I did not remember it.

A very nice Monday.

- Horace


  1. 5+ minutes (don't recall exactly). To tell the truth, I forgot to look at the theme entirely. I noted the several Oops references. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it.

  2. 7:24
    I didn't notice any theme, and didn't give a thought to it after I filled in the puzzle. I liked BLUNDERBUSS the most of the long answers, though BOBBLEHEADS is a close second. PHASES was a bit obvious in its cluing, and didn't we just see SKEE? Oh well, fine for a Monday.