Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014, Robyn Weintraub


I finished this one in a normal amount of time - maybe seven minutes - but did not get the "Well Done!" message. I looked through quickly for a typo, then went through every entry twice more and still could not find an obvious error. Finally, I handed it to Frannie, who read the first word in "22A: Annoyed one's bedmate, perhaps" as a verb, as it was intended, and quickly righted things. I had read "Annoyed one" together to mean "the one who was annoyed", and entered "SNOREr" instead of SNORED, since the one doing the annoying in that case would be the snorer… oh well. And an RNA lab seemed plausible to me, but now that I see DNA (23D: ____ lab), I guess it is more likely.

The theme of IMNOTADOCTOR BUT IPLAYONEONTV was slightly amusing, but I don't think I've ever seen an entire episode of any of the shows from which the four doctors were chosen. Quincy is the only possibility, as it could have been on while I was in the room, but the others are definite nos.

So, with a tepid response to the theme, I looked to the fill for entertainment, but found precious little. Lots of NYSE, ADZ, ARR, DIDI, DYAD and ONOR, and too few clever clues like 36A: Brown beagle? (SNOOPY), which I only now realize refers to the family that owned Snoopy. Not bad, really, but not enough.

It is already a banner week for 1D: Douglas who wrote "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (ADAMS), though. I wonder what tomorrow's Adams clue will be?

- Horace


  1. DNF (10:26)
    Well, that's disappointing. I, too, put in that pesky "R," though I did it on paper and so didn't know it was incorrect until reading the above. What the hell is an "RNA lab?" However, I starred a couple of things, including the aforementioned ADAMS: the twin clues 61A And (ALSO) and 41D And (TOO); note that both 61 and 41 are prime numbers, if I've done my math correctly. I also liked the SIDEA clue having to do with the Beatles (15D "I Want to Hold Your Hand" through "All My Loving," on "Meet the Beatles!"). The only show of the four featured that I watched regularly was Quincy - big Klugman fan. I don't believe I ever saw an episode of any of the others.

  2. D.N.F. (5:33)! For exactly the same reason! Seems to me that if three independent solvers have the same reason for not finishing, that's a problem with the clue... although in reality, it was just laziness on my part. I hardly read the clue before filling in SNOREr and snorting at the stupidness of the answer. Silly me...

    I watched ER, and certainly saw every single episode CLOONEY was in. I have not watched any of the other three except the first episode of Grey's Anatomy, which made me laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of the medical content.

    DIDI on top of NENE was funny.

  3. Well, that is interesting that the three of us had the exact same issue. I haven't read the comments on any other blog, but maybe I should, to see if it was even more widespread.

  4. 8:52
    I had no such problem with SNORED, although I too spent time (about a minute and a half) trying to find a mistake. Actually, I kind of had two. OPRY had to be right, but I wasn't familiar with the alternate Fleur-de-LYS spelling and waffled there. My real problem was a similarly silly tense issue on POLED/s. Fortunately, the permutations didn't take too long to work through.

    I liked Charlie Brown's dog, SNOOPY, STASIS isn't bad for a Tuesday, and NUTELLA is fun, too. And how often do you see IDIOT in a puzzle? I did think the clue for VIDEO (51D: Single accompanier) was quite a stretch. Was it about 20 years out of date referring to when hit singles needed an obligatory MTV video? Or was it just an error meant to be signal accompanier??

    I probably watched QUINCY once and ER for a half season. My other connection to these four shows is that I know our mutual material grandfather used to watch Dr. Quinn and I can't see a reference to the show or the actress without a wistful memory. I'll take it.