Sunday, November 16, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014, Tom McCoy


Tough for me for a Monday, with all those proper names. None of them came to me immediately, and the revealer, even if I had seen it before getting them, would not have helped at all. TWINS (67A: Minnesota baseball team ... or what 18-, 30-, 44-, and 53-Across all are)? Who knew? Mom was a twin, so it's something that interests me.

Nice clue for PHARAOH (5D: Pyramid schemer?), and PRECEPT (43D: General rule) is a good word, as is MONSTROSITY (11D: Freak of nature). And CHICKMAGNET (25D: Sexy guy) is fun. IMAGERY (47A: Descriptive language)... SAUNTER (27A: Mosey)... THIGH (33A: Femur's locale)... there's some good stuff in here. But didn't we just see McCoy's byline like, a week ago? Yes, he did last Sunday's! I used to think there was a certain waiting period between bylines, like a month or so, which is why, I thought, we so frequently see the same name on the daily and the syndicated. Well... maybe not "so frequently," but at least often enough to comment on it. But I have no real proof of an actual policy, and this puzzle seems to contradict my theory, so... nevermind.

Thumbs up!

- Horace


  1. 8:50
    I'm back. I didn't know about any of those people being twins. I liked seeing PRIAM in there as well as PACMAN. CRONE was good, having been used by me, I think, in a California Trip Report, and if it wasn't, it should have been. KILROY reminds me of, I think, Styx, no? Not much Huygens material in this one (we don't count CHICKMAGNET).

  2. 4:26. Pretty good puzzle overall, even with all those 3-letter answers. I liked MONSTROSITY and CHICKMAGNET. And always nice to have a TENOR in the grid. Took me a while to recall KILROY. Nothing much for me to complain about (IZE, ORI...).