Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014, Gareth Bain


I'm torn about this theme. On the one hand, I dislike it because I don't really like song titles like these, but on the other hand, what do I care, they're just songs and this is just a puzzle and why do I have to get so uptight about it? (See… I'm practicing this mentality this morning. I figure I'll need it during the next couple years, given the election results today.) So, let's just say the theme is great, and everybody loves the Crash Test Dummies, right? See… there I go again, harshing on everyone's buzz. On the bright side, I do love the song IKOIKO (37A: 1965 hit for the Dixie Cups), but I guess I always assumed that that was not a nonsense title, but just another language. I might be wrong about that, but I'm not going to look it up. I'm going to live deluded, just like a republican does (I can only assume/hope).

And speaking of Republicans, look!, there's AMRADIO (42D: Medium for much political talk) staring me in the face. And MOROSE (49D: Down in the dumps). And RIDER (52D: Equestrian, e.g.) and LOOTS (54D: Pillages), and AMMO (31D: Armory supply, informally), and CSA (58A: Ex-president Tyler sided with it: Abbr.) (interesting), and ISMS (38D: Ideologies), and DUNNO (65A: "Beats me").

In other news, I had "PReMO" for a while. Is that entirely wrong? The other way just looks like "pry-mo," to me, but then, my opinion is often not supported by the majority, it would appear.

In closing, let me try to ALLEVIATE (14A: Take the edge off) matters by posting a photo of somebody that I voted for who actually did win - Maura Healy. Over and out.

- Horace


  1. 10:01. Don't know why this took so long when 46A was 12 of the same letter. I didn't love this puzzle, but had a great uplift at that moment, looking at all of those Ms. ALLEVIATE and INTERSECT are nice, but otherwise it's an awful lot of 3-letter answers (24), and not much interest in the way of cluing. Slow in the NE due to putting wavE in for TIDE. I DUNNO.

  2. On the political side, everybody I voted for won. Guess it's good to live in a blue state, unlike Massachusetts.

  3. Yes, Horace, on the matter of PRIMO you are misinformed. It's the same word root as "prime." Of the rest, I cannot argue.

    And Colum, confident in who would actually win, I held onto your philosophy from the primary.

  4. I stand by my confusion. "Primūs" means first, "praemium" means extra, or bonus. Neither "primo" nor "premo" appears in my Random House, and neither googles particularly well, but "premo" and "preemo" google better, especially on Urban Dictionary. In the end, it's this last one that I'm happier with, the double-e preemo. One could guess that it comes from preeminent, and it is spelled the way people say it. That's what I'm going with from now on, should I ever find a need to say or write it in the future.

  5. It's from the Italian: "of the best quality"

  6. Well, if it comes from the Italian, the "i" would be long and pronounced "preemo" in English, so the transcription seems appropriate, if not actually backed up by the third definition in an online dictionary.

  7. 13:17
    Only a couple of those for whom I voted got in, but that, as usual, is OK. CIALIS is good Huygens fill, though not, at present, needed by...wait, TMI? IKOIKO is, of course, done much better by the GD. How about EROS being located at 69A? Intentional?