Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017, David Phillips


Frannie here. I'm steering this train for the next 31 days, so hold onto your hats!

It should come as no surprise that I enjoyed today's puzzle theme. My favorite, for its absurdity when imagined, is SNIFFAROUND. Ha! Although, come to think of it, I have seen it done. My second favorite, for reasons probably obvious to the regular readers of this blog, is STUDYABROAD. It works on so many levels. :)

I also thought the non-theme fill was quite robust and enjoyable, with a minimum of abbreviations, even among the copious threes. I particularly liked 19A. One way to stand (PAT) maybe because you don't run into that expression much anymore. Other nice oldies but goodies were 8D. Dagger's partner (CLOAK), 13D. Travels in high style (JETSETS), and 45D. Bellyache (GROUSE) - the last is a winner with great words as both clue and answer. 11D. Small slice of one's workday? (PAPERCUT) entertained.

There were a lot of products and purveyors incorporated into the grid: ALDO, BRANSON, CESSNA, ESPN, GODIVA, IPHONE, TESLAS.

Did anyone else think it was weird that ABBA wasn't all capitalized in the clue for 47D?



  1. 7:01
    Yeah, I think that's an error, that misspelling of ABBA. Well... I guess it's not a misspelling, but... what do you call that? Just an error?

    Anyway, yes, this was a decent Wednesday. I briefly confused Perseus with Theseus, and thought there might be a surprise Wednesday rebus when "Minotaur" wouldn't fit into 4D. Heh.

    Strafe is a nice word. Or would be, if it weren't such a terrible word.

  2. Nice puzzle. My favorite clue-answer came at 35D: It's right in the Pythagorean theorem (TRIANGLE) - get it? A right triangle? Excellent.

    Welcome to Frannie! Happy to have you blogging this month. Sadly, I will not be able to make it to the ACPT this year either, as we will be in Boston for Phoebe's dance recital. Guess you guys won't be there that weekend.

  3. Colum! I don't get the chance to meet you at the ACPT? Horrors.

    Totally agree with the high marks for this puzzle. Each and every theme answer made me laugh (maybe even out loud, but I don't want to make any claims I can't back up). I too was especially fond of TRIANGLE but AGONY and PAPERCUT were also nice.

    1. Mr. Kingdon - If it's any consolation, Frannie and I will be there, and would be happy to meet you. And if we don't see you - GOOD LUCK!

  4. 9:02
    Of course, Greene's ADAMA was a pale shadow next to Olmos's portrayal. I agree with Frannie about GROUSE and its clue, and about STUDYABROAD. And with Colum and Jim on TRIANGLE, which obviously went right in off of the clue. I look forward to spring, but not to the inevitable HORNET nests. Strange error regarding ABBA. Definitely a great Wednesday puzzle, IMEANIT.

    1. No "Anybody want a peanut?" reply? I'm disappointed.

    2. Yeah... sorry. I was thrown off by its being an actual entry in the puzzle, so I did not give it the proper, full consideration. Good ol' Andre.