Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday, February 8, 2018, Erik Agard


This was an odd solve for me, because I didn't really figure out what was going on until I put in my last two letters, the E and N of MEGRYAN (18A: Germany). Only then, did I realize that four of the clues were anagrams, a SHUFFLE of four HOLLYWOOD stars' names. Phew! Luckily, for me, the whole thing played rather easy for a Thursday, because I'm not sure even knowing the theme would have helped with ANSELELGORT (33A: Ernest Gallo), which is a name I'm not familiar with.


One doesn't think much about a SILENTO (17A: Feature in "People"?), so that was interesting, and I've always enjoyed the name ARAPAHO (16A: Cheyenne ally). I loved the clue for AMRADIO (63A: Band not known for music?). That might have to go on the list. And Frannie really loved 21A: Actress Elisabeth who's been on the cover of Rolling Stone, ironically (MOSS). Hah! I wonder if they made any mention of it in the magazine.

It was odd having the two pieces of NOT/STIRRED ("Bond specification") split so far apart, but still, I liked the answer. Me, I stir mine, just like I stir my Manhattans.

I suppose that ARE (7D: Total arithmetically) is referring to a phrase like "Two and two ARE four," but I don't like that explanation. Anybody got another one? Also, I had never heard the term SIDEEYE (64A: Contemptuous countenance), although I can picture it perfectly.

Overall, I enjoyed this pretty well. I love being reminded of Pixy STIX, which I think I might have put down as my favorite candy when my niece gave me a long survey to fill out about my personal preferences. What's your favorite candy?

- Horace


  1. 6:31
    Weirdly easy for a Thursday. I figured out the trick when I got TAYEDIGGS. But I wasn't going to spend my time figuring out anagrams. Fortunately I'd heard of ANSELELGORT, and MARISATOMEI was a great find. I desperately needed MEGRYAN though to finish the NE corner, so knowing it was an anagram and that it had to be a full name helped a lot.

    Fun theme, great revealer. I liked both TMOBILE and AMRADIO for the weird letter combinations.

  2. 21:19
    About normal for a Thursday time for me. I asked Sue if she could fill in Pixy ____ (candy) and it turns out that she could. Then she upbraided me for asking her a crossword clue. I'll go on record that I've never heard of ANSELELGORT and needed the crosses and my knowledge of the theme to fill it in. I mean EGADS. Although it wasn't a rebus puzzle, it was a pretty good Thursday.