Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018, Mary Lou Guizzo

25:09, FWOE

A lovely puzzle today. The heart-shaped grid and a nice sprinkling of love- and heart-themed clues (9A Loving, maybe (GERUND), 42 Game of "love" (TENNIS), 14D Attracted (DREW)) are set off by three long theme answers: HEARTSTRINGS, CUPIDSARROWS, and smack dab in the middle, the hero of the day: SAINTVALENTINE.

My FWOE came when I entered DINGy at 58A (Dark, dirty shade) instead of DINGE, a form of the word I'm not sure I've encountered before. Of course, CATTLy (50D. Range rovers) isn't a word, but I didn't notice that problem until after I completed the grid. Derp.

I liked 15D. Bad place for a bowling ball or the mind (GUTTER) and 35D Game's turning point (ROTISSERIE) - ha! We also get another nice PINATA clue (38D. One getting smashed at a party?). Parsing GOONASPREE and SOANDSOS in the grid after the solve is fun.

I haven't heard the term MCJOBS before (Unfulfilling work assignments), but it seems apt. Apt! I have very little knowledge of and, apparently, no memory at all for sport stadiums, especially those named for corporations, so Citi Field team, on scoreboards (NYM) was not a gimme for me, but I eventually came up with it after yCJOBS and gCJOBS weren't getting the job done. And speaking of new-to-me items, I've never heard of POPOV. Huygens?

We have another example the recently discussed clue type at 10D Beat it! (DRUM). Is there a name for this type of clue?


I thought starting off a love-filled puzzle with HAGS was a little unfortunate, and TWPS lacks ARTISTRY, no matter how you slice it, but who's complaining on love's big day? NOTI



  1. 8:36
    Lovely puzzle! I enjoyed solving it. There is a ton of white space, but the very large "corners" of non-existent black squares helped with the construction, I'm sure. I tried shipYARD first, and then had a block for that whole area. I really only broke in with 46A: How the answer to this clue goes in the grid (ACROSS), NYM (which I did know), and then MCJOBS, which opened up the entire bottom of the puzzle.

  2. 13:54

    I'm with you Frannie, starting today out with HAGS is really unfortunate, but overall, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Solving online, the white squares turn pink and the black squares and border turn a darker pink. Nice touch.

  3. 18:23
    Yes, Frannie, I've not only heard of POPOV, but "enjoyed" it, mostly due to its diminutive cost. MCJOBS has appeared before, no? Or was that in The Week, the Worcester Telegram or the Webster Times? I, like Colum, knew NYM, even though I didn't know one of its crosses HEYYA, and don't expect to ever learn of it. I don't understand TIRO, but luckily for me its crosses were all fine. I didn't love all of the black in the grid shape, but I guess, given the day, it's OK, and there were certainly plenty of MEATY answers to make up for it.