Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018, Bruce Haight


We celebrate Valentine's Day early with a spray of BOXED ROSES, albeit with a few thorns for this solver. I knew neither the Dakota tribe that attacked "The Revenant" trappers (ARIKARA), nor Actor Calhoun (RORY), and so couldn't correctly complete the south west without reference to an outside information source. MYBAD.

The letters R, O, S, and E appear in square formation in each corner of the grid, with the first one, reading top left to bottom right, spelling, neatly, EROS. More than the boxed roses, I liked the two added theme clues and answers "Try some Valentine's Day candy?" (HAVEAHEART) and "Try some Valentine's Day candy, sneakily?" STEALAKISS. Sweet. :)

I also enjoyed the relatively modern 'Bags for guys' (MURSES) and I LOL'd at 'Poker advice for Sajak?' (SITPAT). Ha!


I have never heard BATCHEDIT for "Lived like a single guy." I kind of like it as an expression, but I'm not sure how to use it. Can one say, "I batch" for "I live like a single guy"? Or is it a set expression with 'it'? "What's your living situation, Father ABBOT?" "Me? I batch it."



  1. 6:26
    I completely guessed at the crossing you mentioned, Frannie, and hit it on the first and only try. Since I'm solving in pencil, I had to look it up to see if I got it right, and I was lucky. At the ACPT, I would have really lucked out.

    Speaking of which, I will be there! Planning on arriving Friday evening and leaving Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to meeting everybody finally.

  2. DNF- ouch! I guess we should have gone with "Golfer McIlroy", because a lot of people had their day-before-Valentine's solving experience upset by that crossing!

  3. 7:18
    Fun solve. I've heard the name RORY Calhoun, but not ARIKARA. And I've never heard of, said, or lived, BATCHEDIT.

    Excellent news, Colum! Looking forward to it!

  4. 15:07 (FWOE)
    I, too, have heard of RORY Calhoun, and even though I saw The Revenant, I didn't know of the ARIKARA. My unfortunate error came at the SNARF/ANNE cross, where I'd entered a "c." I thought that it worked for the across, since I've heard of people scarfing down food, but fashion's AcNE Klein just doesn't work. I've BATCHEDIT, but never called it that.