Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018, Ryan McCarty


OHHI. Frannie here, ONLINE once again with the Saturday puzzle review.

Since there's no theme today, I thought it would be best if I HADALISP of clues and answers I liked, so here goes:

  • Opposite of downs (SIPS) - this meaning of 'down' gets me every time.
  • Modern test subject (DNA) - a nice, open-to-multiple-interpretations (OTMI (tm)) clue. 
  • Org. concerned with cracking and leaking had me thinking EPA at first, but no, NSA! So many orgs... 
  • Breath-taking experience (SLEEPAPNEA) - aptnea!
  • Quaint retort (TISNT) - I'll be using this one tonight at the 1920's-themed party we're attending at a local art museum. 
  • "Jeannie out of the Bottle" memoirist (BARBARAEDEN) - who doesn't dream of Jeannie? 
  • Changes keys? (ISLANDHOPS) - indeed. 

I struggled a bit in the south east where I had trouble piecing together how to connect PIE with DEAR and figuring out what either one had to do with "Spot for a stud"(PIERCEDEAR). Derp. ERMA didn't help.


Clues that caused me to say to myself, ITSODD, were CADENCED (In rhythm) and GASTAP. I've never heard of a gas tap. I tried GASTAx [SIC] at first, which I thought could function as one kind of control, but POI, was I off base.



  1. 15:14
    Broke in with BEDELIA (if only they'd clue it with Amelia), and found the NE corner fairly straightforward. Not so much of the rest. Very fun puzzle to figure out. How about ORIONBEAN just a couple of rows above HUNTERS?

    Also, BOLERO. I love me some Ravel.

  2. 32:30
    Geez, I thought this was pretty easy, but I seem to have the worst time. It's ORSONBEAN, no? ISLANDHOPS is great, and I even liked ONEMANARMY and HIGHANDAWAY. A real FIESTA of a puzzle, this, and great review, Frannie.

  3. 19:16
    Yes, ORSONBEAN. Frannie had heard of him, I hadn't. Neither was I familiar with either of the BEERYS.

    Pretty fun puzzle. I agree that GASTAP is a weak start. The last time I thought of that phrase was when trying to start a flooded car, but I haven't done that in decades.

    1. Wow! I had it as ORiONBEAN and iSNS, which in retrospect doesn't make sense. So I FWOE'd it.