Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018, Peter Gordon

17:10, FWOE

I have to tee up this review before it gets any later! Today's theme is more about the clues than the answers: every clue ends with a "t" or TEE, which is revealed at 59D - no mean feat, if you ask me. Each word in the four theme answers also ends with a T (SATBOLTUPRIGHT, for example) and those are the only t's in the grid. It is nice that the fourth and final theme answer, LASTBUTNOTLEAST, was apt. Apt!

My FWOE came at the RBG/BPOE cross, much to Horace's dismay; he's a big RBG fan. I don't know why I didn't think of her. I blame the use of the full Org. with a Grand Esteemed Loyal Knight acronym (BPOE) where I wanted the familiar Elks.

In the fill I enjoyed APOGEE, DOORNAIL, and AGUE. There were also some fun clues:
64A. Fashion magazine that can be read from back to front? (ELLE)
44D. Gets the lead out (ERASES)
52D. Tidal retreat (EBB)

I put forward for your consideration 11D. "The Story of ___" (1975 film by Truffaut) (ADELEH), 21D. "Chacun ___ son goût" (ASON), and 45D . Doors, in Brest (PORTES) as a mini French theme. Moins à mon goût, if I may, there was perhaps also a mini baseball theme, with three answers all grouped up in center field: 23D. Ballplayer Rich who started and ended his 15-year career as a Giant (AURILIA), 25D. Pitcher's asset (ARM), and 28 Retouches after a fly ball is caught (TAGSUP).

ANSARI to say it, but there were a few answers that were not my cup of tee, if you will:
62A. Psychoanalysis appt. (SESS)
4D. Like something that can be closed tight (SEALABLE)
7D. Suffix with president (IAL)

That's all FOLKS.



  1. 14:30 (FWOE)
    I also couldn't recall RBG and didn't know BPOE, so I guessed "e" for obvious reasons. I didn't love the mini French theme, entering, erroneously, Puerta (I know it's not plural, and that Brest is in France) for PORTES at first, which slowed me in the SW, but there were few other SNARES. APOGEE should have made reference to Earth's orbit, not "an orbit." I never heard of ADELEH, ALBANESE, KAHANE or AURILIA.

    1. Of course, I meant "Earth orbit" or "orbit around the Earth."

  2. 6:49
    I always think it's a little strange when the theme spills out into the clues, but why not, I suppose? And yeah, I know RBG, but I don't know LILMO. I guess I'd better get on board with Frannie's plan to familiarize herself with more names in rap music...

  3. Hmm RBG was pretty much a gimme for me and BPOE not much harder but I bombed out on LILMO and NIOBE (oh, and there was something else I looked up, forget what it was now).

    As for the orbits, yes I did think of APOapsis, but that's too many letters. And Earth orbits are orbits, so I don't take that as wrong or unfair, just not as specific of a clue.

  4. Yes, LILMO crossing ADELEH (rough one there).

  5. By the way, I'm pretty sure I sat across from this constructor for the Saturday morning session of the ACPT. If so, nice to put a face to the name, Mr. Gordon!

  6. Peter Gordon does love his celebrity names and trivia.
    Me, not so much.
    He is still a better constructor than I will ever be, anyway.