Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Peter Koetters


Capital idea for today's theme! I loved the PR travel slogans clues incorporating the state seats of government. If I had Topeka favorite, it would be the first one, "Explore Alaska! It's MORETHANJUNEAU!" Ha! It works on so many levels. 50A. "I was afraid to ski, but in New Hampshire I CONCORDMYFEARS!" also entertains.

I was Salem right through the puzzle at first. Things got a Little Rock-y for me when I entered Loo for LAV, but I managed to Phoenix that pretty quickly. I also had a Helena time with the first letter of VIJAYSINGH's name - damn sports references! It must be a Boise thing.

Clues and answers I Raleigh liked include:
11A. Fixer at a horse race? (VET)
57A. Belted one out of this world (ORION)
6D. Green party honoree, briefly (STPAT)
1D. Finally hit the books (CRAM)
30D. What drones collect (INTEL)
56D. Baby sitter? (LAP) - Now that's a Honolulu!
63A. And who doesn't like more than one red-jacketed cheese (EDAMS)?


A RIGArous review must mention possible improvements. While nothing was totally a-Bismarck, but there were some answers that certainly won't win any Cheyenne stars: ENTO, AMAJ, HOER, and ALTI. I'm sure if Mr. Koetters had it to D'over, he would make more of a Frankfort in those few areas.

Overall, though, ACES!




    I'm going to nominate you for a Webby. Do those still exist? Did they ever?

  2. I lay my pen down. What could I ever write to equal this?

  3. I was going to talk about the puzzle answers but "If I had Topeka favorite" pretty much tops anything I could have said.

  4. Oh Boise has really set a new standard for quality with that post.

  5. 10:41
    The trend seems to be against discussing the puzzle, so I'll stick with that and add my Hartford praises of Frannie's review to the above.