Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thursday, November 21, 2019, Aimee Lucido


A double trick today! A rebus that works as letters in the Across answers, and as a literal [GAP] in the Verticals. The first one I figured out was TO[GAP]ARTY (Classic fraternity bash). I had the TO beginning, so I knew what the answer would be, but at first I guessed that the rebus might be "par." That was, of course, a BAD[ ]IDEA.

Once I had righted the ship, THEBI[GAP]PLE (New York City) fell right in, but it took me forever to properly pronounce "Car tower" in order to understand REPO[ ]MAN. In the lower half, I actually found the vertical ICE[ ]AGE (Long cold spell) before I figured out YO[GAP]ANTS (Activewear akin to leggings). And speaking of activewear, I thought the GYM[ ]SHOE / SNEAKER combo was interesting.

MISAIM (Not shoot straight) is rough, and the plural ESCS (Keys often hit in panic: Abbr.) sitting right above MEANLY (How Twitter trolls often comment) is not the most attractive section ever, but I think the vertical payoff is worth it. ATTRACT, TACTILE, RHYMES (Moan and groan, e.g.) (!), CLARITY, and SYNAPSE (It may get fired because of a thought) (cute), are all quite good.

And on the other side, the clever cluing continues with "Pit boss?" (MAESTRO) (orchestra pit) and "Occasion to speak up?" (PRAYER).

Overall, I quite enjoyed it.

- Horace


  1. 20:23
    Yes, exciting double-trick, including a rebus; just what I like on a Thursday. I actually broke in with THEBI[GAP]PLE, but it took a little while to get the downs trick and achieve CLARITY in the SYNAPSEs. I figured out the downs trick with ICE[]AGE, then everything fell into place. I'm getting well-accustomed to seeing OXLIP, so that didn't slow me down too much. Shout out to SIN[GAP]OREANs, with whom Sue and I spent some time a while ago.

  2. 11:19
    Took a long time to figure out what was going on. My first filled rebus was actually SIN[GAP]OREAN, and it was because I already had GYM[ ]SHOE in place that I figured it out. And let's just remember that life as a REPO[ ]MAN is always intense.