Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tuesday, November 5, 2019, John Guzzetta


I solved today's puzzle in good time, and without any ade. :) The theme answers produced four fruits within common words or phrases. Who knew you could find a tomato in a robot (AU[TOMATO]N)? And it's amusing that a lemon is WEDGEd in ANK[LEMON]ITOR. Ha. It all became clear when you got arind to the revealer at 64A: JUICYPART (Movie role with range, or what 17-, 24-, 39, 51-Across each have).

Despite the high fruit content, nothing really threw me for a loop.There was quite a bit of fill that made me say pip, pip puree including TANDEMBIKE, PEKOE, PATINA, ISOPOD, YAW, and, my favorite, OHJOY .

ABBA and KTEL make a nice pair. BUTT speaking of pairs, there were three words in today's puzzle that were also in yesterday's: NAAN, OSLO, and ROYAL. Four if you count ETAS and ETA as a pair. That really pithed me off. Not really, of course - I zest! I zest!



  1. 6:02
    Amusing review, Frannie! A couple of things kept me from a time in the 5s: I tried meatYPART instead of JUICYPART, and I wanted ANKLEbracelet (which thankfully didn't fit) instead of ANKLEMONITOR. KOJAK is a nice throwback, but its cross JAKE Tapper isn't all that well-known to me. Despite the circles, I enjoyed the theme, mostly because I like all of the featured fruits, even a ___PEAR___, which Susan OHJOY doesn't, shockingly. She even complained about some high-quality and delicious seckel pears that I purchased for her last week; I found them in my fruit drawer last evening.

  2. 4:23

    Cute review, and I can't believe you didn't throw in anything about tomato being your favorite fruit!

    And yeah, pears are one of your inconsistent fruits, and a bad one can be bad, but a good one is good.