Saturday, November 30, 2019

Saturday, November 30, 2019, Joe Deeney


The trend continues. My Saturday time is the fastest of the turn this week. Strange but true! Today's time might have been even faster, but I got hung up on two squares that I eventually made (correct!) guesses for. As a casual viewer of the Marvel Comics, the actual name of Thor's hammer never struck home, so I was left to wonder if the first letter for the answer to 45D: "Went over," was d, l, or, R as in READ. My other problem was the cross between 42A: "'Abyssinia'" and 26D: "Compensate for something?" I had _ATA and REMI_. I wanted the correct REMIT, but at first I couldn't figure out why TATA was right. But then I did. :)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. My first pass through the puzzle evoked only STROP, LAERTES, BENE, BETTY, and TRACY. Thanks to the concentration of known items in the northeast, I focused on that section first. A few educated guesses later, plus a small assist from recently selling a Bruce Springsteen concert t-shirt on eBay, helped me make short work of that section. DABAT sure is odd-looking

The sections of the grid are compartmentalized today so it's almost like four separate little puzzles. That meant that completing the northeast didn't give me much of a leg up on other nearby sections, so I headed to the southwest. Adding DAWN and ICING to the already-in-place BETTY provided the ENERGY I needed to put the hammer most of the way down on that section. ADAMSRIB for "Biblical starting material" is humorous.

From there, it was on to the southeast. I was able to put in BANTAMS off the B in BENE, and after I filled in EWERS for "Some still-life fixtures" I was able to get the amusing ESTATELAW for "Subject of passing interest?"

Next stop: the northwest passage. I tried "wonka" for "Eponymous candy man," which fortunately was 100% incorrect, so it came out quickly. Once I paired REESE with TRACY, I could see the clever ESCAPEKEY ("It gets pushed in a corner"), and the enjoyably weird-looking ZEROESOUTARTCLASS for "Where one might be graded on a curve?"  is also nice.

Then, as discussed above, I had to address those two blanks in the center before I could finally CEYLON to the "Congratulations!" message.

Well, we've come to the end of another fine week of puzzles. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. As I pass the review baton to our esteemed co-blogger Colum Amory, I have only one thing to say, TATA, TTYL, and Our feet are stained!



  1. 13:54
    I crushed this one, as one can see. I had no slowdowns to JAMUP me, except a quick entry of peaRS where EWERS belongs, but once I entered PEARJUICE at 28D, which I don't remember ever drinking, I removed the former since I knew that there wouldn't be two pears in the puzzle. I, like Frannie, didn't know MJOLNIR, so thank goodness for the crosses. Excellent clue for ALONETIME. It's always nice to see the "Congratulations" pencil this quickly.

  2. 13:25
    Great time, Huygens! I love the grid shape and only wish there was a little more to connect the corners. Otherwise there is a ton of excellent stuff here. Frannie, I imagine our reviews would have been ALOTALIKE.

  3. 12:37

    Yes, this one went right along. Started out with "roadteSt" instead of ARTCLASS, and "spillS" instead of DISHES, but things got straightened out.

    Nobody pushes ESCAPEKEY in a corner! ... oh wait, everybody does...