Monday, May 10, 2021

Monday, May 10, 2021, Zhouqin Burnikel

On a Monday, you want a smooth straightforward puzzle, something to take the edge off after a frustrating day at work. Or is that just me? Too soon?

In any case, Ms. Burnikel always fits the bill. The acknowledged master of creating a good Monday puzzle does it again. The theme is well done: five examples of foods that end in a plural of a color. My favorite is (of course) HASHBROWNS. Nothing like 'em. When they're done right. I don't mind EGGWHITES, as long as there are egg yellows in with them. Although a meringue is pleasant enough.

I like MANDARINORANGES just fine (and it's a nice grid-spanning 15-letter answer). I'm more fond of clementines though.

For those not in the know, SPORCLE is a regular site for me. I really enjoy doing a quiz or two, and my personal knowledge of the countries of the world has taken leaps and bounds because of it. I can now fill in a blank map with all of them, although as I've said in the past, Sao Tome and Principe often slips my mind. And there are a ton of countries in Africa which have "zam" in them. Okay, two. But Zimbabwe and Tanzania are close.


I don't DIDLAPS any more. I did triathlon for a while in my late forties (only the sprint variety), and never enjoyed the swimming portion. So I got rid of it, and just do the biking and running. 

Cute that ELI and LEN are both clued as "Man's name hidden in "reliableness"." Good way to spice up those examples of 3-letter glue.

Not much else to say, except that I ducked below three minutes for the third time with this puzzle, just barely.

- Colum


  1. Sub-three -an inspiration to us all!! I hobbled in at 5:18. Just wasn't clicking for me today. SPORCLE was new to me. All good and enjoyable nonetheless.

  2. Fortunately the crosses weren't tough, because I don't know a SPORCLE from a SPORkLE.

    And I'm not miscounting, am I? I get four themers not five (brown, white, green, and orange).

    Favorite answer? Well I'm going to pick ACHOO, not because of any brilliance in constructing, but because I have a cold (unlikely to be covid, but taking a test tomorrow just in case) and, well that's my first cold since March 2020.

  3. I seem to get only four, also. Nice time, Colum! I kind of thought you'd come in in the twos, though, since I had a 4:29, which is evidently not enough to MEDAL with. Lots of threes in here, but that's what you GET on a Monday. Funny that DENNY is in there. In his restaurant, I'd imagine one could get all but BEETGREENS in some form.

  4. Well, dang. I guess there are only four theme answers. Somehow it felt like five.

  5. I ended at 3:20, and that's after looking for and correcting DIScS to DISKS. Oh well...

    Hopefully it's not COVID Jim!