Saturday, June 4, 2022

Saturday, June 4, 2022, Scott Earl

It's not that I'm a LATERISER, but I was beset by a few difficulties in getting the review started this morning. For one thing, it's a red letter day: Horace's father turns 90! We're spending the day in a celebratory way, which involves cooking, cleaning, wardrobe changes, and other time-consuming activities and very little ALONETIME

I started the puzzle with a bit of trepidation as several vocalizations from Horace gave me the notion that this would be a tough one, but I finished it surprisingly quickly (for this solver) in 23:47. Many answers were in my wheelhouse ("It gets hatched in a fantasy novel" (DRAGONEGG), for one :), and the ones that weren't fell to some determined figurin'. :) 

My first break came fairly quickly, in the northeast. I was able to drop in TBAR, OATY, and BIOMES, which made the Down answers over there easier. Then I worked my way left and down with GLEE

Entries that gave me some  difficulty were "Source of oils unsed in wellness" (TEATREE) - don't know it - "Kind of motel" (NOTELL) - if I did know it, I wouldn't say - and "Playground 'immunization'" aware of cooties, of course, but because my first train of thought maybe thanks to the earlier entry OBAMACARE and the current pandemic, ran to more science-based innoculations rather than the less reliable COOTIESHOT.


My toughest corner was the northwest. I've never been to or encounted an In-N-Out burger emporium - and even if I had, would I know about the SECRETMENU? I don't know. Unfortunately, neither have I flown to Honolulu, which would probably have helped with the name of the airport (INOUYE). Also, OCTAD didn't leap to mind for bits in a byte. Once I puzzled my way through the section, though, I particularly liked the pair of clues at 5 and 6D: "'Me, too'" (YEAHSAME) and "'You, too?!'" (ETTU) - ha. 

Other GEMS in the grid today:
"It may be screwed up" (BULB) - apt!
"+ or - something" (ION)
"It's a matter of degree" (ANGLE)
"Course you need a compass to navigate?" (GEOMETRY)
"Medium strength" (ESP) - ha!

A trio of personal favorites including NECCO, MORSE, and, of course, The MUPPETSHOW.

Well, I got to get my ROLLERS on, peeps. I leave you in the capable hands of my esteemed co-blogger Colum, who will, I'm sure, offer discussion of more constructive ASPENS of puzzledom in the coming week. 



  1. Pretty good puzzle today, although not as fun as yesterday's. DRAGMOTHER was great, and not what I was expecting. I spent a fair amount of time wondering what the letter at the crossing of 7A and 7D was. 7A: Mag, e.g. (PUB) was no help, especially without some evidence that it was an abbreviation we were looking for. And 7D: ___ year (PER) was wide open. Finally I decided that P was the only reasonably choice, and lucky me, I was right.

  2. Happy Birthday, Horace's Dad! And thanks for the week, Frannie!