Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Kate Hawkins

Clasping today's theme in advance didn't help me bolt through it - so nothing to Velcro about on that score. The first word of each two-word theme answer is a clothing fastener: ZIPPERMERGE, SNAPDRAGON, BUTTONMUSHROOMS, and PINSTRIPES. On the whole, I thought it was quite a good notion. 

Several C/APs caught my eye, including "Diamond official"  for UMPIRE and "Moving" for EMOTIONAL. "Jobs creation" for APPLE is a clever hidden capital. I also loved the clue "Pie nut" for PECAN. SPAT, DASH and ADO make a punchy midsection in the Downs. "Missing letters in 'transgre_s_o_,' appropriately"(SIN) is apt. Apt!


Folded into the clues themselves were some fun words and expressions like "Pony up" (PAY) and "Burgle" (ROB). "Lug" is another great word. And who doesn't think of the Monty Python "Spanish Inquisition" skit when they see the word HERESY? Buckle up for a YUK or two with that one.

I was happy to see another couple of Greek items in the grid including Athena's OWL and AGORA. I also enjoyed the French and German entries "vous" ETES and FRAU. And how about AFFOGATOS? Awkward plural notwithstanding, themz a great dessert treat. Too many of those -  not to mention Linzer TORTE - and you could find yourself swapping your buttons and zippers for elastic waistbands and stretch fabrics. That's a wrap.


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