Monday, February 13, 2023

Monday, February 13, 2023, Eric Rollfing

I don't know if it's a Super Bowl hangover, or whether, as Churchy said in Pogo all those many years ago, "Don't you hate it when Friday the 13th comes on a Monday?" In either case, I was slow to complete today's puzzle.

The Super Bowl, on the other hand, was a really fun game, spoiled by a dud of an ending. I was hoping the Eagles would win, but the Chiefs put together a pretty impressive game overall. And Patrick Mahomes might as well be Superman. Although Hurts had a better game.

But enough of the sportsball talk, how about the puzzle?

Start with a WELLROUNDEDDIET, and then come up with four food items that come in circular forms, and you get the theme. FROOTLOOPS is the winner here, because the name demonstrates the circles with all of those Os. SPAGHETTIOS tries, but that A and that E... Wannabes. 

CHEESEWHEEL is a great thing that I will never buy in its entirety. But they sure are handsome in my local cheese shop! Plenty of cheese there, by the way, unlike a certain Monty Python sketch. And I've never had DIPPINDOTS in my life, and don't plan to.

I'll tell you what is not well-rounded. A TWINKIE. That's what.

ELTON John in a Super Bowl ad

Things definitely started slow in the NW. CNBC as a 1A is rough for a Monday puzzle, and it was made worse by two things: first, my mind jumped to "pap" instead of CUD for 1D ("Twice-chewed food"). This is incorrect. Second, I somehow mixed up in my mind which were across and which were down answers. Like I said. Friday the 13th.

Tomorrow will be a better day. It's the 14th, you see.

- Colum


  1. Sub 3 for me. Just seemed to flow into the grid. I hated the ending of the game yesterday. But earlier in the day, I'd gone for a walk with a birdwatching friend and we spotted, hidden in a cedar tree, a little Saw-whet owl. Super cute! And then when I turned the game on, I was able to observe that I had gone from SUPERB OWL to SUPER BOWL. I swear I'm not making this up!!

    1. Comment of the year candidate right here!

    2. Agree. You are living your best crossword life, Philbo! :)

      Looking forward to seeing you in Stamford again next month.

  2. I finished Colum’s Friday the thirteenth puzzle with the apt time of 5:13. Apt! I found many entries to enjoy like un peu de fran├žais, a Bert and Ernie reference, DATA and SCHWA - and nothing much to raise EIRE. My favorite on the day, though, might be Philbo’s SUPERB OWL. Ha!