Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Tuesday, February 14, 2023, Ella Dershowitz

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! We all have somebody to love, and somebody who loves us, even if it can be hard to recognize that at times. Know that I love all of my readers!

Well, you can't tell me that Mr. Shortz didn't plan this early week so that today's puzzle followed yesterday's. Moving from circles to squares, all edible! And an appropriate revealer at 62A (SQUAREMEAL).

Mind you, if these four examples (STARBURSTS, KRAFTSINGLES, SALTINECRACKERS, and KLONDIKEBARS) constituted the entirety of your meal, I'd be worried for your health...

Things moved along a lot more smoothly than yesterday's Monday fiasco. I was only slowed by 9D: Umami broth, in Japanese cuisine (DASHI), which I got entirely from crosses, and SPONGY, which I wanted to be SPriNGY, but there weren't enough squares. 27D: Corn dough used for tortillas (MASA) also was difficult. I guess I have to study up on foreign cuisine terms.

THECURE (even though it's not Friday)

I liked that MALEMODELS and KETTLEBELL were symmetrically placed. I imagine the two go together a fair amount! I myself have never tried that fitness technique. But Hope gave me a set of free weights for Christmas, so I have been using those at home.

56A: One who's barely existing? (NUDIST) gets the nod for best clue of the day. 

Fun puzzle, and an exciting start to the week. What's tomorrow going to be? Triangles?

- Colum


  1. I've never even heard of a KETTLEBELL. Maybe some people will let that give them an idea of my current fitness level... and they wouldn't be far off, probably.

    The only one of these SQUAREMEALs that I've eaten recently is SALTINECRACKERS. It's an oldie but a goodie, the Saltine. STARBURSTS are old, too, but I have never been a fan. Too waxy.

  2. I love a waxy Starburst - or did. Due to efforts to maintain *my* fitness level, those are right out these days. Too bad the food-shape meta-theme didn’t continue, although maybe we could back date it, in a way, to Sunday. Did you see that Doritos ad that heavily featured triangles? Of course, if you ask me how a Superbowl ad for Doritos can be considered part of an NYTX food shape meta-theme, I’m afraid the answer is, I don’t really know.

    1. Not only did I see that ad, I pulled from it for Monday's picture! Nothing wrong with a Starburst, so chalk one win up for Frannie over Horace.