Monday, February 6, 2023

Monday, February 6, 2023, Taylor Johnson

OHHI everyone, Frannie here. OMAN does it feel like a long time since I last wrote a review. I am a little late with it this morning - it's not that I want to OVOID it, it's just that some times the daily GRINDR gets in the way. You know how it is.

As I assume I'll never see an EARTHRISE IRL - I fear my chances of going into outer space at this point in my life are vanishingly small -  I'll enjoy it via this puzzle, where we see the word EARTH appear in shaded squares HIRE and HIRE in the puzzle from left to right.


I very much enjoyed the C/APs "Not yet found, as a criminal" (ATLARGE), "Maximum allowed" (LIMIT), and "Courage, metaphorically" (GUTS). Fill-wise, I liked SQUIRM, STASHED, and PEPITA. I also like REMIT, which probably surprises no one who knows me. 

I liked the auditory pairing of PURR and PER. Neatly, the Down answer off of PURR is PERM. Also, HEARTHEALTHY is followed by KALE in the Down clues. Coincidence or consequence. :)

Not my fastest Monday ever (6:19), even though I hit only one tiny trouble spot. Even as I typed in 'hon' for "Sweetie" at 41A one half of my brain thought, "could be BAE," the other half eventually said, "IHEARTHAT."


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  1. Nice review, Frannie! I enjoyed the Earthrise, too. And for once I twigged to it during the solve (as Colum might say) and when I did I just filled in all the gray squares immediately. Might have helped me with an unearthly 3:50 today. :)