Monday, July 3, 2023

Monday, July 3, 2023, Sam Buchbinder

Let's hope that more than just today's puzzle theme is OFFTOAGOODSTART. It's the start of my review week AND the start of my last week in my current job. Yikes! I'm leaving my former employ for who knows what, but you could say I am looking for the qualities that appear at the beginning of each of the four theme answers (KIND, JUST, UPRIGHT, NOBLE) in my next assignment, although, the more I read about the world, the more I fear it is all greed, venality, lust for power, and self-aggrandizement. But, I digress. 

I pretty much RACED through this one, although, obviously not at the ATEAM level. Nothing in particular gave me any trouble, although "Fold in a dress" (PLEAT) took me a second. For some reason, my first thought upon reading "Fold in", was of cooking instructions, but that would have been a recipe for disaster. When I got to "Used a shovel" for DUG, I found myself wishing for a hippier clue. 'Was into, in the sixties,' perhaps. :)

Some ROIs for this solver included ARLO, OUIS, SEWS, ATLAS, and really, any KINDOFBLUE - it's my favorite color. I also liked that BAMBI and BIKER share a corner. AWRY is an apt looking word, IMO. Also nice to see DUMBWAITER making an appearance. That's something that always brings it. 

Oh, say, CANYOUSEE that tomorrow is the 4th of July? Does that make today Independence Day EVE? Heck if I know. Wishing U.S. all a happy holiday. 


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