Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Wednesday, July 26, 2023, Mary Crane

Another interesting theme of FINISHLINEs. A SHRINKWRAP, for example, could be a pyschiatrist's "I'm afraid our time is up." And "Sorry you're upset! Gotta run, late for my nail appointment" is definitely a SHALLOWEND. Hah! Who thinks of these things? Well, Mary Crane, that's who. This is her debut as an NYTX constructor, and maybe the key to getting new themes is to keep getting new constructors. It's kind of cool that humans, who are all so similar, can be so different. My little one-line bio for a lot of the online FRIENDZONEs is "Just like you, only different." I think it applies to everyone.


I enjoyed the old-timey HASTEN (Speed up), and Oscar Wilde never fails to disappoint ("IRONY is wasted on the stupid"). "Revolutionary invention?" (WHEEL) was cute, as was "Company making tracks" (LIONEL). Is Lionel still making tracks? - the short answer is no, but kind of. Like with many companies, the original Lionel ended (in 1969) and then the name continued on. It still operates as Lionel, LLC. But that's not important now.

Had a little trouble in the SE, where I guessed ZEd instead of ZEE (26th of 26) and Red dOTS (?!) instead of Red HOTS (candy brand), but things were straightened out quickly enough.

Fun Wednesday. Looking forward to the Turn tomorrow!

- Horace

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