Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Wednesday, July 12 2023, Brooke Husic and Brian Thomas

A somewhat sparse theme in today's puzzle.  Distributed symmetrically in the grid are seven clues, separately numbered from 1st to 7th of 7; e.g. the very first clue 1A: "About 85%-90% of Muslims, globally [1st of 7]".  So it's a septet of something obviously, and when 1A was quickly revealed as SUNNI, it was apparent immediately - the days of the week!  Sure enough, the other six theme answers all begin, in proper order, with the remaining days' three-letter abbreviations. 

I have to admit, I did not love this one.  Didn't seem that tall an order for a Wednesday, to construct seven entries constrained only by their first three letters (MON, TUE, etc.).  But maybe that's just me, sitting here in my armchair :)  I did appreciate the symmetry in the grid, and welcomed the write-in for this native Quebecker - TUESBELLE ("French for 'You are beautiful' [3rd of 7]")!  "Digital confrontations [5th of 7]" (THUMBWARS) was very clever.

And in another bit of cleverness, elsewhere in the grid we have "About 10%-15% of Muslims, globally" (SHIA) - nicely connected with 1A.  

Personal anecdote alert - inspired by "Rocky Mountain National Park sight" (ELK):  I had a job one summer as a teenager in Jasper, Alberta, and the walk (well, the shortcut) from work to where I was staying was across a train yard, down an embankment, across the Trans Canada Highway and through a stand of pine trees.  I was making this trip one pitch-black, moonless night, in the midst of the pine grove, when I suddenly felt a presence around me, so I stopped walking, started to pay attention and let my eyes adjust to the darkness - and lo!  I was standing in the middle of a herd of elk, who were entirely unperturbed by my presence.  It was a magical moment in my life.

I find myself with not much else to say about the puzzle.  Can't love 'em all, I suppose.  Oh well.  A demain mes amis!


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  1. Cool story about the ELK! I also love that you just could just casually cross the Trans Canada Highway. Ahh ... Canada.

    I, too, dropped in TUESBELLE, but it did make me wonder how far they will push the French answers.

    And finally, I actually thought this was pretty clever. And seven theme answers is a lot, no? Even if they are only constrained by their first three letters? Oh, what do I know. I've really got to buckle down and try to construct a grid. And when I do, you can be sure it will include some obscure French word or phrase. :P