Saturday, July 1, 2023

Saturday, July 1, 2023, Ben Tolkin

As sometimes happens, this week Saturday and Friday were reversed. A least for this solver. This took me less than half the time. 



I suppose it all depends, but answers like ICE (Rocks), GIL (Poet Scot-Heron), TOOLS (Saw and punch), ETA (GPS guess), RINGIN (Celebrate, as a new year), DEALER (One holding all the cards), went in without a moment's thought. And with so many crosses, the long answers were easier to guess. (Gee, Horace, is that how crosswords work?) 

And speaking of the long answers, they were enjoyable, but not all that challenging. Especially at the bottom. With just the first three letters in place, all three went right in:

BATSANEYELASH (Flinches, but only a little)
ENIGMATOLOGY (Study of riddles) (A field Will Shortz invented for his own major at Indiana University) (See also: "What one star may represent" (EASY) ... Oh ZSNAP!)
DOCTORSNOTE (Absence excuser)

None of it was bad or unpleasant, it just played more like a themeless Wednesday than a Saturday. 

But as always, there were some clues that brought a smile:

"German food that's better than it sounds?" (WURST)
"Certain surprise party?" (AMBUSH)
"Outer ear?" (HUSK)

and some that contained interesting trivia:

"Popular pet originally from Mongolia" (GERBIL)
"'George,' in aviation slang" (AUTOPILOT)
and, I guess, "They're offered seven times a year" (SATS)

It was good, but over quickly. But hey, now I have time to walk over to the bakery for one of those cheese and pepper scones! 

A demain, mes amis.

- Horace

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  1. I liked it a lot -- it made me feel smart!