Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014, Barry C. Silk


We expect good things when we see Mr. Silk's byline, and today's was definitely good. Not great, perhaps, but SOLID (48D: Not iffy).

I started it late at night, and got nowhere until AMADEUS (30A: Movie with the line "I'm a vulgar man. But I assure you, my music is not") went in first. I worked down that SE corner of the grid without much resistance, but couldn't get much at all in the NW. Even when I filled in CARLSAGAN (31D: Noted 1-Across studier), I still couldn't get past wanting "universe" for 1A: It has many giants and dwarfs (COSMOS). I put that down to sleepiness. In the morning, Frannie took the iPad and finished it up very quickly.

The "preceder" clues were nice, now that I see what they are (1D: D preceder (CSHARP) and 3D: Tuesday preceder (SHROVE) (yes, "Monday" fits, but nobody actually tried that on a  Saturday, did they?). And are there roller coasters that feature a PRETZELLOOP? I love roller coasters as much as the next person, but that sounds like it might be a little much!

We didn't particularly like GASUP (36A: Do a 35-Across chore) being paired with CAR (35A: Hybrid, maybe), but I suppose you can imagine that the 36A clue refers only to the answer of 35A, and not to the fact that it's a hybrid. I mean, sure, you still have to GASUP a hybrid, but the whole point is that you have to do it less often… ok, I'm not going to win this one, but I just want a little more love for the hybrids. Is that so wrong?

All the long downs were very nice. OSMOSE (42D: Slip through, say) seemed a little strained, and I was a little surprised to see IUD (39D: Alternative to the pill, briefly) in there, and I have no idea what AGT (7A: Profit-sharing figure: Abbr.) stands for, but overall, as I said up top, it was SOLID.

Best clue/answer: 21A: Something pocketed in Italy? (RAVIOLI)
Runner up: 15A: [One who] Pour[s] it on (GOAL LOUT)

- Horace


  1. 20:11. I worked at this one, but it was steady progress. My first two entries were OSE and ESA, and then I hit upon AMADEUS. Just saw it recently with Cecelia; still holds up as an excellent movie, and that music is far from vulgar, I agree. I got WILDCARDTEAM off of the DC. I liked the clue for IRISHALE, although I kind of wanted to write in "kiss me, I'm Irish," a different kind of order. I also wanted "galaxy" for 1A, but COSMOS and CARLSAGAN were an excellent pairing. I thought overall it was a very good Saturday.

  2. 30:57
    Yeah, we thought of GALAXY, too, and HOBBIT for that matter, but didn't put anything in until very late. In fact, we got CARLSAGAN before COSMOS. There seemed like a bunch of answers where I said "that was my first thought," after waiting and not putting it in. Yes, MONDAY was among those, and no I didn't put it in, but I should have just gone with it on ELTON, ALOT, RAMP, TATTOOS. On the other hand, my first thought for 34D was GREENBEER, but that didn't fit, so maybe GREENALE?? Good thing I waited..

    Yes, RAVIOLI was nice. HURLERS was less so. Nobody says hurlers. AGT is for AGENT, who shares one's profits.

  3. Untimed, but about 30 mins.
    Obviously I loved COSMOS/CARLSAGAN and AMADEUS the most. Hey Icarus Fob, have you taken the Sagan Planet Walk yet?!?! Get to it. Overall this seemed a bit easy for a Saturday. I also got LEARY (28D Noted acid studier) right away, as well as the shorter ones like ESAU, ELTON, BUD, etc.