Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Joel D. LaFargue


Today we had an epic "kit-wo" moment, and because of it, the typo remained unfound for several minutes while we tried to figure out what DOOK (33A: Scrape by) could possibly mean. "Kitwo moment" comes from a puzzle we did last New Year's Day with Colum, where he, Frannie and I stared at the entry "KTWO" for a long time saying "kitwo?" back and forth, before someone finally said "K2!" Today, we finally said "Do OK!" Whew! So anyway, I had an E where the I goes in ARIA (35D: Puccini's "Un bel di," e.g.) and RONIN (43A: Robert De Niro spy thriller). Either one of those should have tipped me off, but I guess "Ronen" didn't look bad enough, and it got through.

So let's see... what was the theme? Oh, right, THEBEEGEES (60A: Trio whose members start 17-, 26-, and 44-Across). Very nice. Plus, they got a bonus ROBINWILLIAMS (26A: Late comic genius) tribute in, so that's nice.

I don't like GEWGAW (5D: Showy trinket) (I guess I would slightly have preferred "Geegaw," which is listed as a variant), but what are you going to do with all those Ws? And KEPI (53D: French army headwear) crossing SAPOR (63A: Flavor) seemed a tricky cross for a Tuesday. I did, however, like the clue for BULLMARKET (28D: Something you won't see many bears in), which was also tricky, until suddenly it wasn't. Heh.

Overall, I guess I liked it all right, even though I didn't really dook enough to finish without an error.

- Horace


  1. FWOE also! Although it wasn't DOOK, which I too did not parse until reading this review. It was SAPOR/KEPI, where I had entered SAvOR, which doesn't even mean "Flavor." BULLMARKET was the best, but there was a bunch of meh here. I like the additional revealer (GIBB).

  2. 11:29
    No errors. Had I not known KEPI, I would have entered SAvOR, as I'd not heard of SAPOR. I also didn't know GEWGAW, but the crosses gave it up. DOOK was tricky. I starred 19A Banana discard (SKIN) as no good; isn't it referred to as a "peel?" What's with all of THEBEEGEES lately? And I guess that, since we've seen it so often lately, HOBO is once again accepted as a term. I enjoyed having BARRYWHITE in there.