Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016, Howard Barkin


It's a new week, and I have to say I'm disappointed in myself for last week's steps output. I kind of thought that being in Triathlon training would help me get above at least 70,000 a week. Instead, I fell below. I know, I know, that's on me. Still, it turns out that you can't take your step-counting device (in my case, a Withings) into the pool with you. Damn shame.

Anyway, Monday's puzzle turns out to be a pretty good one. I like the progression of the ERODED theme, from "boulder" to "rock" to "pebble" to "dust". All four theme entries are solid answers, with ROCKLOBSTER being my favorite for nostalgia's sake. You could nitpick and say the last answer should really be "sand" based from an erosion perspective. Rocks don't turn to dust unless they're pulverized, right? But it didn't bother me too much, so I'll give it a pass.

There was enough room for two strong down answers, PAPERTRAIL and KNOWBYNAME. There wasn't much in the way of annoying answers. You'd think I'd know who Ron ELY was by this time, but honestly, I didn't even see the clue and answer until after finishing the puzzle.

I like 29D: [not my mistake] (SIC). So blunt.

1A: Online pics that often move (GIFS) gets a B+, because:

- Colum

P.S. RIP David Bowie. I look forward to listening to your latest, and as it turns out, your last record. 26 studio releases over 47 years. That's amazing.


  1. 5:37
    I guess many people enjoy cat videos. Very fast Monday for me. I, too, thought ROCKLOBSTER the best theme answer. I also liked ERICA/KANE and 21A Bucks (SMACKERS). I guess PELOSI and DAMATO are somewhat of a pairing (I know...not really) and BEMUSE is a great word. RACKS could have had a nicer clue.

  2. 7:24, because I've been having a little trouble with my account recently. It doesn't seem to hold my settings for what to do at the end of a word, and when I press the space bar, so there was a lot of tabbing and backspacing and mouse-clicking today (and tomorrow, sadly). It almost makes me want to print them out and start using a pen again!

    Agree about the theme, it's very nice and refreshingly unusual. "Sand" would, perhaps, have been better, or at least good as an interim step, but I'll take DUSTJACKET, especially with such a nice clue (One covering a big story?). And speaking of Bowie, don't we all return there one day? Too soon? Perhaps. The news of his death was a shock to me. Surely one of the pillars of music, fashion, and showbiz for my generation.

  3. Kittyyyyyyyyy! (thud). Thanks guys.