Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017, David Steinberg


A tribute to the Emerald City today, SEATTLE, with references to PIKEPLACEMARKET, the MARINERs, PUGETSOUND, and one of its more recent claims to fame, the ubiquitous COFFEESHOP. The PIER (12D: Waterfront 68-Across location), I'm not so familiar with, and when we were last there, it was cloudy, but it did not actually RAIN (2D: Common 68-Across forecast). The puzzle has left-right symmetry, and all the SEATTLE references are also symmetrically placed. What's more, we have a simplified, but nicely done, follow-the-dots version of the SPACE NEEDLE, spelled out in the circled squares. I'd say that's a solid theme.

There were some non-theme plusses - SPATULA (60A: Pancake-flipping implement) isn't seen too often in crosswords, and RATRACE (43D: Hurry of modern life) is good. I also liked the formality of PERMITME (10D: Chivalrous offer). Connected with Harvard, though, as we at this blog are, I must take exception to "14A: Harvard's archrival," because as we all know, Harvard has no rivals, only jealous admirers. But as we're on the subject, the puzzle does have kind of a Yale-vibe, what with answers like HUH, WASTE, and OAF. :)

1A: "Star ____ Beyond" (2016 film) (TREK) - B-.
Favorite: EULER (49A: Mathematician whose name sounds like a fuel ship). Nice educational clue.
Least: INBED (15A: Taking a nap, say). I would argue that most naps, intentional or not, are not taken in a bed.

There's the usual sprinkling of RIATA, ANA, and ANTI, but overall, I think this was a fine Monday.

Colum takes over again tomorrow, and I'll see you again in a month or two. Happy Puzzling!

- Horace


  1. 3:44 (FWOE) - a typo, unless TITsNIC is actually the name of a famous ship.

    Great theme, and the Space Needle was very nicely done, reminding me of Liz Gorski's puzzles. We miss her. All excellent from my point of view. I'm up!

  2. 8:27
    A bit slow for a Monday for me. I've never been to SEATTLE, but now know what to seek out. SPATULA was the most surprising answer for me since, as Horace mentions, it's not often seen in a puzzle. EULER was excellent and went right in without crosses.

  3. 5:50 (a record for me).

    I guess I know Seattle. Hard to pick a standout answer but there's just a lot of solid fill: STPAT, EGGS, ONSPEC, MACES, even ELMERS although I don't know why I'm making an exception to my general dislike of brand names (maybe I just like the ones I'm familiar with?).

    As typical for a Monday, didn't pay any attention to the circled squares until I was done. And then it took me a while to find the Space Needle, but it does work. Even has the right shape.