Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017, Erik Agard


Since I live in a forced hot air house, I dropped in DUCTS (1A: Heating system network) without a second thought. I then thought I might have a chance at beating yesterday's time when I confidently plunked down CobwEbS for 3D: Haunted house sights (CASKETS). Obviously, things slowed down a bit after that.

There were a few fun answers, like LOZENGES (10D: Hackers' helpers) and DISCOBALL (30D: One lighting up the dance floor), but all too often it was questionable stuff like TWEEST (4D: Most affectedly dainty, to a Brit) and DEADEST (40D: Least happening), or stuff I didn't understand like SENS (5D: Political century: Abbr.) and AVES (20A: Class of fliers?). Also, while I'm glad that the puzzles are getting more contemporary, I lament that it proves me to be no longer so. I have never heard of ASAPROCKY, and the expressions CANILIVE and NOBIG are not in my vocabulary.

I don't mind things I am not familiar with (to which category may be added HOURANGLE and DAYSAILS), but I didn't feel that there was enough to really enjoy today either. Entries like ENCIRCLES, ICEIN, STIRSINOWIE and EENY are not exactly exciting. Even VENALLY (12D: Through bribery) is tarnished by the adverbialization. Is that a word? Does its existence here tarnish this review? Possibly...

1A: DUCTS - C+.
Favorite: 26A: Setting after resetting (OOO). I like the boldness of this one.
Least: I guess TWEEST. Just ick.

So, as you can see, I didn't love it, but I think I may sound a little more harsh than I actually mean to be. I didn't hate it either. Can we settle on lukewarm?

- Horace


  1. 16:08
    SENS refers to the 100 senators (5D: Political century: Abbr.). AVES is the scientific classification for birds (20A: Class of fliers?). I like the latter much more than the former, especially given the abbreviation. I liked LOZENGES the best, but also enjoyed 52A: Sunset, e.g. (BOULEVARD) for its hidden capital. I would challenge that being contemporary means that you would know who ASAPROCKY is.

    1. yes... I dimly guessed at those two definitions, but I really dislike SENS. And the point I was trying to make is that I am no longer contemporary. I'm heeding the advice given in Sunset Boulevard - "There's nothing tragic about being 50, not unless you try to be 25."

  2. 21:29
    I had just finished doing two Erik Agard meta puzzles ( by the way) so I was not mentally prepared to deal with yet another one, on a Saturday no less.

    I agree with all that ASAPROCKY was beyond the pale. The rest I could deal with, other than AVES which required all four crosses and I still didn't really get it.

  3. 26:54
    This was pretty easy for a Saturday, and nothing held me up for too long. EASYMONEY is one of my favorite King Crimson songs and Sue and I once visited Jack LALANNE's town while he was alive, but we didn't see him while we were there (Morro Bay, CA).