Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018, Amanda Chung and Karl Ni


We here in Delmar, NY, have been known to take a COMPOSTBIN, so I was pleased to see today's revealer connect several apparently disparate theme answers and "recycle" them, as it were. I'd thought there was some controversy over eggshells, but Google says go for it. My amusing mistake (quickly corrected) was to enter PITBull at 44A: Casino V.I.P. (PITBOSS), thinking of the rapper.

My favorite answer of the day was new to me, at 31D: Units of power saved, in modern lingo (NEGAWATTS). That's a fine idea, and we should all do our little bit to try and preserve the environment. But the biggest contribution (the mega-negawatts, if you will), must come from our governments.

Boy, I've been preachy lately, haven't I? SARI about that!

Meanwhile, BIRDONAWIRE is a lovely long answer. I feel like I must have seen the movie with Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson, but I can't recall it. On the other hand, there is the excellent song by Richard and Linda Thompson, "Walking on a Wire," which I love. I bet the movie would PAIL in comparison.

There are a lot of names scattered in the grid, but what's not to like about JONI, ALDOUS, AUDRA, Jan STEEN, George CARLIN, and Hank AZARIA? The latter has even said he'd stop playing Apu (a regular in the Crossword in his own right) in the classic stereotypical way. Others who have watched the entire run of The Simpsons may have more to say about this than I.

Anyway, ADIEU until tomorrow.

- Colum


  1. 8:50
    Nice romp today. I just chugged right along with few hangups. It helped that just yesterday I was doing some IMDb research on Goldie Hawn - thus "Bird on a Wire" was right at the top of my brain today.
    I didn't know "Steen", but got it from the fill. I did wonder a bit about "Compost...." what? "bucket", "pile", or even "drum"? And, then, the crossings gave me "bin". Of course.
    Once upon a time, long ago and far away, I attended a taping of Johnny Carson - one of the guests was George Carlin. Great stuff!

  2. I also enjoyed the new-to-me NEGAWATTS. Here at chez H&F, we do our bit with solar panels and APESUITs, but I agree that it will require something more BOLD. Maybe a visit from UFOS will help, or maybe a giant GROUNDSCREW? :)

  3. 4:45
    Nice Tesla reference, Frannie. If that's what that was...

    Another fun, fresh theme. I like it!

    As for Apu, I heard some about the controversy, but have not heard AZARIA himself speak about it. I have always thought that the entire Nahasapeemapetilon story has been pretty much as crazy as any other family story line, and his character no more or less stereotyped than any other. I'm a little surprised, really, that the Scots aren't up in arms themselves about Groundskeeper Willie, or the Boston Brahmins about Mayor Quimby.