Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Tuesday, December 25, 2018, Bruce Haight


If you like Christmas and all its trimmings, yule really like today's theme. :) The revealer is a seasonal song (OTANNENBAUM) that hints at traditional decking for the holiday pine. The last words in four other answers give us a JUDYGARLAND, a SUGARCANE, an LOSANGELESANGEL, all topped with a MOVIESTAR. Lovely.

There's an avalanche of other theme-related fill:
"Jesus to Mary" (SON)
"Wonderment" (AWE)
"'Once in ___ David's City' (carol)" (ROYAL)
"Seasonal song" (NOEL)
"December 25, informally" (XMAS)
And, as a bonus, a trinity of crossword darlings: EDNA, ERMA, ERTE. :)

Mr. Haight doesn't disappoint this Christmas; he delivers once again with his signature clever cluing. In a crossover from the holiday theme category, we have the entertaining "Deteriorated ... or started out like Santa on December 24?" (WENTSOUTH) - Ha! We also get a nice twist with "A step above the minors" (ADULTHOOD), the interesting "Lab culture site" (AGARPLATE), and my favorite: "Range for yodelers" (ALPS). YAY! :)

I liked "Cakes and ____" (ALE) as it brings to mind one of my favorite authors, W. Somerset Maugham. I also liked "Expert" (MAVEN) and "Debauched sorts" (ROUES).


Funny to see OHYOU again so soon (think yesterday) and speaking of repeats, what about ATTA (Lead-in to girl or boy)? That one sure is having a hey day. Today marks its third appearance this month. The gift that keeps on giving. :)

Happy holiday!

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  1. Great puzzle - I was wishing for a holiday themed puzzle and got one! Yup, it does seem like a Wednesday puzzle, too! For some odd reason, I had trouble with the crossword word - "ROUES" and tried to fit "RAKES" in there for such a long time. And thank goodness for the crossing or I never would have gotten the exact spelling of that ol' German tree!
    Thanks for the wondrous write-up, Frannie!
    ~Mlou 13:52