Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday, May 3, 2019, Trenton Charlson


A pleasing shape to the grid today, with some pleasing fill such as SEXPERT, CLAMSUP, KUNGPAO, BRAYS, and SYSOP,  The clue/answer pairs "Dry" (SOBER) and "'Bones'" (DICE) were also nice. I also liked what I'm calling the mini "Clue" theme. At 3D we have "Any character with a token in Clue" (SUSPECT) which ties in nicely with 61D: ___ Peacock (MRS), and from there on to "Peacock feature" (EYESPOT) - not exactly board game related, but still.

I've never heard of IZOMBIE, but was able to figure it out from the clue, which was good, I guess, but also gross. I've never heard of TRIMSPA (Bygone brand of weight-loss pills), either. I looked it up on the Wikipedia. The pills main ingredients were ephedra and caffeine. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2008. I've missed my window.

In other food for the LOSTART of conversation, this puzzle revives the age-old QMC versus NQMC controversy. I made another list of QMC and NQMCs to try to assess the difference.

Opportunities to watch the big game? (SAFARIS)  - good one
Record collection? (DATASET) - I liked this one better than "Record holder" (RADIODJ).
One with no class? (DROPOUT)
Fall guy? (ADAM)
Recess appointment? (PLAYDATE)
Boxer rebellion? (DOGBITE)

Stopped lying (AROSE) - turns out stOod fits, too. Looking at yesterday and today's false starts, I seem to be a letter-O savant. Also, good one!
As low as you can go (NADIR)
Festival display (POMP)
Staying power (LEGS)
Band aid (AMP)

My personal BADAPPLEs:
Useful piece of code (APP) - BAH.
Impales (STICKS) - the answer pales in comparison to the clue, IMO
Biological rings (AREOLAE) - I wish this old chestnut would fall into one of the circles of hell and stay there. Too much?

Also, is it too soon to comment on the new Avengers movie? Has everyone seen it who is going to see it?



  1. 6:44
    I really really liked this puzzle. Great shape, wonderful flow, so many excellent answers. I particularly like 36D: Recess appointment? (PLAYDATE). And you can talk about Endgame all you want, as far as I'm concerned, because I saw it already. Others may disagree.

  2. 17:22 (paper)

    I did too, Colum! It's a thing of beauty all around. And for me (more than you, apparently) it was a fun grind. Things came slowly, but were very satisfying when they did.

    And Frannie, I'm tired of AREOLAE too, and AORTAE and NOES were also groaners, but that's just a few things. In all, this is just what I want on a Friday.

  3. 27:29
    SAFARIS is great, and I remember TRIMSPA, although I never used it. Some girls in my high school class did, though. Very nice puzzle, and Frannie can talk about that movie if she feels the need. By the time that we see it here at the YBH, I'll have forgotten all about any discussions that take place now. Currently we're on movies from 2008/2009, so it'll be a while. We just watched "The Secret Life of Bees" last night.