Monday, May 13, 2019

Monday, May 13, 2019, Gary Larson


A sporting theme today, with things that can be found around a baseball diamond - A DH, Home (plate) (or is that a Homer?), a Bat, and a Mitt. And the items are all extended out into men's names, making a nicely consistent theme. Two of the men are contemporary, one, D.H. Lawrence, is well-known, and the other two, though contemporaries of the author, are much less well-known. At least to me. Their names rang a bell, but it was a distant one, and I could not have written the clues, which is to say, I needed several crosses for each. Claude AKINS, Jack PAAR, and TRINI Lopez seem positively modern compared to those guys!

Dick Van DYKE

I enjoyed SHARDS (Bits of broken glass), METAPHOR (Nerves of steel, e.g.), ENAMOR (Captivate), DEVIANCE (Change from the norm), and ISOMER (Chemical cousin). AVIATORS (Pilots) and CAMELOT (King Arthur's home) weren't bad either.

There's a smattering of Spanish (BESO, OLE, & ESTAS), a little more French (AULAIT, ETUDE, MOI (& ESTEE?)), one (in) Latin (UNUM), and a touch of poetry (POE, MORN, and even DHLAWRENCE).

Entries like STEVIA (Sugar substitute) and TITER (Solution strength) got groans, but I think there was enough solid material to AVERT disaster and keep this one from dropping over the EDGE.

- Horace

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  1. 5:16
    I didn't mind TITER too much, but usually it's referred to by the act of titration, or even the solution (titrant). A good theme, but it would have been more timely in October. We haven't seen TROI for a while, and are the new owners of the building making NECCO wafers yet?