Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sunday, May 5, 2019, Samuel A. Donaldson and Doug Peterson


Happy Cinco de Mayo! Every Sunday that I start my week of blogging, I look over the previous week's work by Frannie, and despair of achieving that level of wit and clever punning. ORALB shocked the day I match her style!

Anyway, today's constructors come up with ten ways to reinterpret phrases that include the word "paper." All ten are well recognized phrases, which is a great start. All ten reinterpretations come up with phrases which are well recognized, and which all have a different word to mean the paper piece of the phrase, so that's pretty darned good as well. My three favorites today are 36A: Construction paper? (BUILDINGPERMIT), 119A: Crepe paper? (BREAKFASTMENU), and the best of all, 100A: Wall paper? (COLLEGEDIPLOMA). I like that last one the best because it breaks the previous pattern in that the paper is simply on the wall, not about the wall, if you see what I mean.
He played for the Sox for a hot second
Some amusing clues today include 6A: Purchase of proof? (ALCOHOL), which is sort of an inverse theme answer; 14D: Rules of engagement? (PRENUP), and 54A: That stinks! (ODOR). I also enjoyed the symmetric answers CRASHCYMBAL and MADEASPLASH.

There is a fair amount of not great fill though, perhaps due to having ten theme answers. I'll point out LGE, RGS, TURTLER (it exists, and maybe it's more common parlance in other parts of the world), LANS, and DVI.

On the plus side, I liked BEGONE for its oldfashioned appeal, and BELLYRUB, because dogs.

- Colum

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  1. 24:52
    Way too fast for a Sunday, but the fill was mostly good, and I enjoyed the theme, so I'll let it slide. I'll just say that I didn't know OLERUD and I tried LaTT at first (thinking it was some odd way to refer to a Latvian, but once I had BaGUI_E, I know it had to be BEGUILE, and that the down was, therefore, LETT. And as it turns out, LETT does indeed refer to Latvians! Anyway, that was the only area that I was at all slowed. For theme answers, I enjoyed SHEETMUSIC and WINELIST, for obvious reasons, as well as BOARDINGPASS. And I, for one, am happy to learn that the position of TURTLER is not common here, but less happy that they may be common elsewhere.