Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tuesday, December 3, 2019, Ed Sessa


Today, very late (Sorry!), I am grateful for how my tax dollars go to help fund snow clearing personnel and equipment of really top notch efficiency. I can tell the difference when I cross the town line from Bethlehem, NY, to Albany, NY. Eighteen to twenty-four inches of snow is a ton of white stuff to move.

I only have a little time due to the aforementioned weather issues, clearing driveways, and chorus rehearsal. So let's note that the theme today is brilliant. Starting with the revealer, split across two answers of VOICE / ACTOR, and the way the other four theme answers' first words are now revealed to be a homonymic version of "heard but not seen," itself a twist on the classic instruction for poor neglected children.

And also BUTTDIALS. Tee hee.

I'll also note that 18A: Pebble in one's shoe, e.g. (ANNOYANCE) is symmetric to 58A: On and on and on ... (ADNAUSEAM). Seems apt.

There aren't any clues that made me perk up, but neither is there much to complain about in the fill, so I'll call this a fine Tuesday, and leave it at that.

- Colum


  1. 7:20
    I'll note that Colum's time is just slightly under half of my own. Amusing theme, right on target for a Tuesday. I tried favRe where STARR goes at first, but changed it quickly enough when only one cross was working out. I don't want to BRAGG not being one of your SPORTSMEN, but at least I've heard of those two people, although I realized after filling in STARR that the other one is a Brett, not a Bart. KNOTTYING looks odd in the grid. Another slight slowdown for me was when I entered ADNAUSEuM at 58A, but that was corrected with the oft-seen EAVE.

  2. 5:10
    I'll split the difference, time-wise. I did not even notice that the phrase is inverted here! Funny. And is RADIOAD bonus material?

    And nice job knowing two Green Bay quarterbacks, Huygens, but Favre was unborn when STARR won that first Superbowl. (I know, I'm just being an old OFNOUSE.) :)

    1. I'll disclose here that I didn't know for sure that they were both Green Bay Packer people, and I certainly didn't know of their relative ages. I'll try to remember that for future crosswords; maybe I can shave a couple of seconds off!