Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020, Lee Taylor


Today's six theme answers are two-word phrases that all contain a first name, but as compound words, refer to (mostly) non-human things. I've never heard of SNEAKYPETE, but the rest, BLOODYMARY, EVENSTEVEN, SLOPPYJOE, JOLLYROGER,and LAZYSUSAN are old friends. The theme entertained, but I do worry that the NYTX is pushing the limits of social distancing by crowding those six individuals into a 15 x 15 grid, not to mention LESAGE, LEROY, ELMER, and GAVIN.

The puzzle also features the "Sign of the Ram" or ARIES, which is the sign for people born between March 20th and APR 21st. Happy birthday to all the Aries out there, especially anyone whose birthday is today!


And speaking of the ALPS, Horace and I took an AERO plane earlier this year to attend a work conference in Innsbruck, where one can see what are apparently called the Northern Limestone Alps. Whatever you call them, they make for stunning scenery. In the city, it was just cold enough to wear WOOL. When we climbed an Alp to go sledding, we could see ITALIA in the distance. Horace and I travelled through the CANTON of ZURICH en route to Paris. No DUTCH this time. We returned from Europe only six weeks ago, but it's a different world now.



  1. 3:02
    Cute puzzle. SNEAKYPETE is a new one for me.

  2. I think I heard about SNEAKYPETE on some kind of language show or something, which (in my book) doesn't really count the same way as if I'd heard someone use it.

    But your point about the lack of social distancing in this grid makes me think there's a rich set of possibilities there. Like a grid with the word "man" (or a rebus, or something else short, indicating a person) a bunch of times, but spaced out. Or really any theme which spaces things out. Too obvious? Would depend on the execution? Surely so, on both counts.

  3. 5:01
    I also hope and wish that anyone with a 5/30 birthday had an excellent day, perhaps fondly recalling a trip (or trips) to the ALPS. If I had the fixins, I'd toast a BLOODYMARY to such a person, but for now s/he would have to make do with a NOD of support. I generally enjoy a show that contains RAYGUNS, and really enjoyed the "Star Trek: Picard" first season. I look forward to the new season of "Discovery" also (the 3rd) as I continue to make my way chronologically by start date through the older series. Currently I'm on "Voyager," soon to begin its final (7th) season, and then I think I have only "Enterprise" and its four seasons to peruse. I'm very, very busy, as one can see.

    1. Not sure why I put 5/30 up there. Of course I meant "3/30!"

  4. 4:05
    I'm sure that if any were to have a birthday on 3/30, he would be thankful for all the well-wishing. It was a very nice day. :)