Monday, March 9, 2020

Monday, March 9, 2020, John Lampkin


Today's theme was a quantity of enjoyment. :) How much, you ask? It ranged from a GRAINOFSALT to a TONOFBRICKS. Interesting that 'a grain of salt' featured in yesterday's theme as well.

There were a number of fun clues. I especially liked "What a robber hopes to get?" (AWAY). As an added bonus, that one crossed "How robbers get caught" (REDHANDED). Apt! I also enjoyed 60D: "Why is a flower like the letter A? A: Because a BEE goes after it." Ha. I appreciate any mention of ERLE Stanley Gardner as I am a big fan of the old show Perry Mason. As I re-watch episodes, I notice that many episodes feature the introduction of then-new technologies like immediate check cashing verification (by phone), pocket-sized sound recording equipment, and in "The Case of the Medium" (1961), ESP testing!

Also in the grid I found an ample allotment of fun fill including FORAGE, PLY, FEASTS, NEON, and HOGTIE - we've all been there!
FIG (Newton)
I wanted to use ARCS for the image today, but in available pictures I found of falling stars, it was all straight lines - none looked the least bit like arcs. I suppose, like much in this world, it's a matter of perspective.

As a person who very rarely DOLLSUP, it is perhaps not surprising that I have never heard of GELEE in a cosmetics context. Anyone know if it's any good for hiding a POUNDOFFLESH? :)



  1. 4:08
    Oh, Frannie... your natural state is dolled up if you ask me. :)

    Fun puzzle. I like how quickly it escalates, and I also like how the weights sink as they get heavier.

  2. 3:55 (FWTE)
    Well, that won't do at all. I knew that most families in fact do not feature a TRio. And yet I left it in place. It's all the fault of that danged EST_ choice. I should know by now never to fill in that last letter until I have good reason to. Fun theme, and a different way of looking at salt from yesterday.

  3. 5:31
    I suppose that to qualify as a family, it must be at least a trio. Don't feel too down about it, Colum, but surely be more careful in the future! Very nicely done theme. Oddly, ATSTUD caused me the most trepidation as I slowly filled it in with crosses. Was SEDERS abutting POUNDOFFLESH intentional? I could have done without DROOL (gross), but mostly quite a nice Monday offering. HOGTIE is my favorite fill, although CDDRIVE looks interesting in the grid.

  4. This one was a bit slow (for a Monday), but I held on to MYHAT and finished. When I read the clue "klutz's cry" I thought, hmm, like "oops" or something but figured well it could be any number of things and was later amused to see via crosses that it was indeed OOPS.