Sunday, March 1, 2020

Monday, March 2, 2020, Andrea Carla Michaels


Here's what I learned from today's crossword, that Monday is the first day of the week. Officially! Wonder no more about the Sunday/Monday controversy. According to ISO 8601, it is Monday. Case closed. And just as the United States abides by ISO 31-1 (measurement standards), we abide by ISO 8601. Well ... at least we do here at HAFDTNYTCPFCA, and apparently they do at the NYTX too.

It makes sense, then, that this commemorative week of puzzles created by women to mark the first full week of Women's History Month should start on Monday.

Anyway, today it's Andrea Carla Michaels, and I can't help but wonder whether her puzzle has a hidden message about how much she thinks Women's History Month means to most Americans. I hope it's not true, but then, I hope a lot of things.

Where once there was a CRAG that looked like a GRANITE face

I was not previously aware of SQUATJUMPS. We used to do "squat thrusts" in grade school, but I watched a video just now and SQUATJUMPS are not at all the same thing. Seems like they'd be great for toning up the legs, but I'm not sure my knees would enjoy them. Or even tolerate them.

I was happy to see my preferred spelling of my non-preferred system of government, CZAR, in the grid today. All you CZAR-SYMPATHIZERs SNAPOUTOFIT!

I wouldn't know LAMAR ODOM from ZEROMOSTEL, but IDO know who Greg LEMOND is! Kind of sad, though, that I'm ending this review with the names of three men. I look forward to more female-constructed puzzles for the rest of this week, and, hopefully, for the rest of time.

- Horace


  1. 3:15
    Fun puzzle today, and I look forward to a week of puzzles created by the smarter sex. And there were ERMA, TORI, SABRINA, and Cardi B and Nicki Minaj in the hint for HIPHOP, so there you go.

  2. 6:17
    I didn't know any of those men mentioned by Horace, though I do know IBSEN, at least. And what about LORI, Colum? I know she's in a bit of trouble, but at least she's in there. I'd also never heard of SQUATJUMPS and am highly unlikely to start doing them now. I though that Horace's preferred spelling of tzar is gzar, not CZAR.

  3. Completely agree about the squat jumps, Ho. I never have liked even regular squats. Way to risky for that most precious joint. Riding a bike--like Monsieur LeMond (great to see him mentioned!)--is a terrific way to build up the quads. I too was happy about the inclusion of what I always used to consider the "standard" spelling of Czar (although, nice one, Huyggie!). Since when is the word "zit" slang?? Very happy to see the annoyingly ubiquitous ERMA clued as something other than "Funny Bombeck." That bit of editorializing always irks me (but somehow IMANAGE.) And, what, the middle of the face is called NOSE now? Did you catch the hidden Batman v. Superman mini-theme? No mention of the Week of Women on the syndicated puzzle, but I kind of like that there was no theme of women in the grid. It's more a vibe of "a woman made this puzzle; no big deal."

    1. What, you would argue that the NOSE is not the middle of the face? What's your alternative?

      Also, interesting that they didn't mention the "woman constructor" theme in the syndicated. Maybe there's no easy way to do it for that puzzle?

  4. "middle of the face" implies a region to me, not a single feature.