Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday, February 8, 2021, Portia Lundie

NICEJOB on the theme today. Portia Lundie really stepped up to the plait in what Horace tells me is a debut puzzle. Three excellent Down answers incorporate hair styles, and the revealer is the grid-spanning LETYOURHAIRDOWN. Now how apt is that? :) My favorite is DISCOM[BOB]ULATED, but PERM[AFRO]ST is a close second. That one could possibly be considered a twofer since it also includes PERM. "Lara Croft, in film" (TOM[BRAID]ER) is another good bun. The only thing moussing is a reference to Rapunzel. 

And while we're on the subject of Downs, the other two longish Down answers, PRIESTESS and ROCAFELLA, were also top knotch. 

Elsehair, I particularly enjoyed "Scenter of the face" (NOSE) and "Acquired lots of, as money" (RAKEDIN). I appreciated the references to MCCOY, DRRUTH, and YODA. 


There was a little fluff tangled up in the net. I found "The five weekdays, for short" (MTWTF) a bit quotidian, and AFTS ("Times before eves, in ads") and OPPS (Antonyms: Abbr.") maybe got too much of a trim, but, overall, I was impressed with the puzzle. While I hope weave not seen the last of this constructor, I myself have to be off - all good things - even wave reviews - must comb to an end. 



  1. FWOG for me (Finished With One Guess, that is) for me at [hmmm]ADA crossing [well I suppose a J fits]ENNA.

  2. Very amusing review, Frannie!. I, too, really enjoyed this one, with TOM[BRAID]ER being my favorite, for obvious reasons. Never heard of ROCAFELLA, but the crosses were fair. I didn't mind any of the shorter answers, even AFTS, but definitely didn't love MTWTF. Are KNOTS hairstyles, as well? Or just hair trouble? 8:40 (A bit long for a Monday.)

  3. Yes, nice review. You should probably just take over and do the review every day, don't you think? :)