Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tuesday, February 23, 2021, Kate Hawkins

Potty humor takes over the puzzle today, with four different words for terlit. It's another "last word means something" theme, as our commenter Jim Kingdon put it yesterday. At the end of the theme answers we find "throne," "head," "John," and "loo." Well, and "mouth," but lets be very clear that that is the revealer. Gross.

In addition to an amusing (if you find toilets amusing) theme, we have several BONUSES in the Down answers. AGITATE, PARADISE, SCEPTER, OCTOPUS, KARAOKE, CLATTER, FAJITA, and Steven COLBERT. Not a bad group! And really, EASTER, NARRATES, and WOUND aren't bad either. Lovely variety of mid-length answers. And the Acrosses are loaded with good stuff, too - ARTISAN, TRAIT, FIANCEE (when will Americans change this spelling to "fiansay?" Or maybe even "fiansayido?" :) ), CAFTAN, TANDEM, and more!


Is IRONTHRONE something to do with Game of Thrones? I suppose I ought to watch that - purely for crosswordical reasons ...

The theme was amusing, the fill was great, and the grid only stretched a bit - SER, SFO, ONUP (sure, it's a partial, but who doesn't smile thinking of that song?), and OKC (? Since when is there a team in Oklahoma City?!). 

Favorite clue: Honeybunch? (BEES

Least favorite: Space shuttle supply (AIR). It makes it a little too scary, doesn't it?

Thumbs up from me.

- Horace


  1. Of course the Space Shuttle, or any space vehicle, or being in space at all, is scary. It's even worrisome having such a thin atmosphere for the planet, but if we were to worry about that all the time we'd not be able to concentrate on day-to-day things, like crosswords. Yes, the IRONTHRONE is a GOT thing. I enjoyed the series, though I found some of the mayhem a bit gross and needed to look away at times. There's magic, sci-fi, dragons, swords and nudity. And after season 1, the first person mentioned in the credits is Peter Dinklage, for seven seasons, no less. Amazing achievement for one of our best actors. Shout out to other DEADHEADs out there. I hear at least one concert per week. 8:03

  2. Fun puzzle. Kind of wish I'd solved it sitting on the throne.