Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday, April 23, 2021, Robyn Weintraub

Happy World Book Day!

Okay, I'm stretching this thing out maybe a bit too far. I had to do some deep digging to come up with that one. Instead, let's celebrate a fine themeless from the respected master, Ms. Weintraub. I solved today with Hope in our new fashion, with her typing in, and me selecting where to go to next.

We had a hard time breaking in, even with getting 1A: Give some badly needed help? (ABETS). In part, it's because I spelled AERIE eyRIE. We actually got a meaningful foothold in the NE corner. I do like a LIMEWEDGE, although I've never had a Moscow Mule. And I should have known ALBERT was George VI's real name. But I was stuck on "Dickie," which is what they all called the abdicated Edward VIII on The Crown.

16D: Query that might follow some grumbling (WHATSFORDINNER) is my idea of a lovely C/AP. No question mark needed here. Crossing it is 27A: Ones best in show? (FRONTROWSEATS), which I don't like nearly as much. First off, I don't agree that it's best to sit in the front row. The angle alone can cause severe neck discomfort. Second, apparently you can get spit upon, especially if you're watching Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carol.

A better QMC comes at 60A: Decline in military activity? (NOSIR). I also really liked 26D: She sounds just like you! (EWE). That's silliness at its finest.

Some call me... TIM?

Some nice trivia in the OTTER holding its breath for eight minutes. 

Well, enough of my musings. It's (virtual) ACPT weekend. There'll be a lot of crosswording being done in the next two days. Our usual report from Stamford will have to be adjusted.

- Colum


  1. That's right! We won't be able to gather around the computer in the hotel bar... sigh. Stupid covid. On the bright side, we got our first shot yesterday. Yay Science!

    See you in an hour!

  2. I got my first shot on 4/22, also. I, unlike Horace, though, became eligible only on Monday. I noticed that "whale" fits where OTTER belongs, but that entry would have been problematic with the crosses. WHATSFORDINNER had the best clue, IMO. I agree with Colum on FRONTROWSEATS. I prefer front row in the balcony, myself. I like to be able to keep an eye on everyone, and to not have anyone in front of me.