Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, Adam Wagner

Happy Marijuana Day! I see from the Interwebz that April 20th became known for smoking weed because 4:20 in the afternoon is a fine time for toking up, apparently. I wouldn't know, and apparently neither does the New York Times crossword puzzle.

Still, today's puzzle is apt, as we like to say, for a couple of reasons. First, as an echo of yesterday's puzzle, with BOBBARKER, but even more so for the Amory-Perlman household, where we have a couple of barkers living with us. I did not figure out the theme before entering DOG at 63D. I like to think of our pooches as ELITEYELPERs, to be honest.

Is ODORS bonus theme material?

Too soon?

For our old-timey week hidden theme, we get PAAR (not to be confused with its next door neighbor, PAR). And AARP, I guess, but that's about it. I just realized that the last is an anagram of the first.

Meanwhile, I liked 16A: Actress Kathryn of "WandaVision" (HAHN). She's a very funny person, and her role in the Marvel Disney show was the best part of it, in my opinion. Also on the plus side of things was OYVEY. It's always worthwhile to drop an oy vey into your convo.

In other news, I entered OTRoS, and crossed it with lol at 35A: "Funny!" (HAH). It wasn't hard to correct ("I leard" is hardly common parlance), but I wondered if it was a deliberate trap. Or just one I created for myself.

- Colum


  1. Oooh I was so close on that very cool trap. I had OTRoS but unfortunately for the lolz, I had one of the H's from a cross so I changed to OTRAS without laughing out loud.

  2. I thought that 4-20 is the date because that was the number of the CA House bill back a number of years ago to legalize medicinal marijuana, a first in the nation. But I could be misremembering (I hate to resort to Google at every turn, so won't here). Nice to see BEERGROWLER in there, although I don't use them myself. We here at the YBH generally buy sixth-kegs since: 1) they're easy to handle, and 2) they are finished with relative frequency allowing for a nice variety over the summer. Summer, by the way, is the only time we have beer here, in general, so the Keggermeister's season is coming up! I enjoy ROMAS nearly every week; at least four of them. And also enjoy a SUBWOOFER with the nicer system in the den. Our other locations don't have need of such power. Anyway, I think that I finished this puzzle in about the same time as the Monday offering, which is unusual but not completely unheard of. (5:52)