Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thursday, April 29, 2021, Adam Wagner

What a great week of crosswords. For the second day in a row I get to talk about poetry in my review! :) And it's not just a haiku, it's also a rebus, and as a BONUS, it's funny. Who could ask for more?


Mr. Wagner's poem starts out quite well with:



So far so good. Five syllables, then seven ... then he starts the last line but runs out of syllables and room: ONESYLLABLETOO[LONG]. Heh. And running vertically through the last word we have the related "Extend the duration of" (PRO[LONG]ED). Hah! Very nice.

PIEHOLE (Big stupid mouth), SAYST (Speak, as thou might), and HAIRBALL (Kitty litter?) all HUMORME, APPARENT (Seeming) and OBSCENE (Like an over-the-top display of wealth) are interesting, THROBS (Beats) and ROILED (Shook up) seemed to go together, as did WHISKS (Removes quickly, with "away") and TEAROFF (Remove quickly, as a Band-Aid). And how 'bout the paired "Yesssss!" (SWEET) and "Nooooo!" (DAMN). That was a nice touch.

The NW was where I finished today, and it took quite a bit of wrangling for me to finally figure it out! I had entered SPurTS instead of SPOUTS (What Yellowstone's Old Faithful does about 17 times a day), and then tried to make snOrT work instead of FLOUT (Scoff at), but the crosses, of course, did not work well. 

I very much enjoyed this one. It played tougher than normal for me, but that's just one more reason I enjoyed it. Great start to The Turn.

- Horace


  1. Everything you said, Horace. I loved it -- great to roar out loud at a puzzle!

  2. Yes, amusing puzzle with a lone rebus in there. When I figured out that rebus, I looked for more where I hadn't yet finished, but alas, there were none. This played a bit harder than normal for me, too, but no errors, which is SWEET. 28:03