Sunday, April 11, 2021

Monday, April 12, 2021, Aimee Lucido and Ella Dershowitz

The circled letters in today's theme answers contain baseball team names within longer theme answers, representing, in a manner of speaking, the sports metaphor INSIDEBASEBALL. Because the first complete theme answer refers to circular objects (BREAKF[ASTRO]LLS) and the second one to a typically circular item STR[ANGEL]OOP, I thought maybe there was a circle within a circle of meaning, but my theory struck out with the THEWES[TWIN]G.

Although there was not much ELSA related to baseball in the puzzle, the Rangers of other topic areas was wide, from social media (HASHTAG) to social ILLS, from the ISLE of Skye to the South China SEA, from Spanish (OCHO) to Yiddish (DREIDEL), and ARTS from screen (FILM) and page (AHAB),and personalities from MAO to ROWE. You could say we got the Royals treatment. 


I didn't hit many Rockies spots although I did have to wait for some downs before entering AWGEE ("Shucks!") and ADIA ("1998 Sarah McLachlan hit"). I enjoyed the QMC's including "Figure in home economics?" (RENT), "Good thing to have on hand at a wedding?" (RING), and "Purr-son who loves her pets" (CATLADY). Of course, the latter brought to mind Dr. Eleanor Abernathy, especially with LISA Simpson showing up nearby. AGUE, LYNX, and CABAL were fun Phillies. 

If you've Reds this far, you know you're in for another week of Rays reviews. :)



  1. Nice, sporty review, Frannie. I, for one, am looking forward to this week of Rays reviews. :)

  2. Nice job working all of those team names in, Frannie, but what about those Sox? I didn't know ADIA, but the rest went along fine (5:48) for a Monday. However, no time records set, for sure. I suppose I should watch THEWESTWING sometime, but there's just so much to watch nowadays, and so little time I want to devote to the tube, so there's the rub.

  3. INSIDE BASEBALL is such a fascinating term. Nice puzzle. I especially love the long fill entries.

  4. I did not find this oneBIT easy, no wait, I mean asmallBIT no that's not the right number of ketters either, well maybe AWEEBIT.

    I also wanted the cinnamon bun answer to start with "bread" even though that would have made far more sense at the end than the beginning. See what kind of solve this was?

    Fortunately all sorted by the end, within a few minutes of a typical Monday time, and I got the little victory indication from the computer.

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