Friday, October 29, 2021

Friday, October 29, 2021, Aimee Lucido

If you know me, you know I like a good-looking grid. And yes, I sure smiled when I opened this one up. Maybe there's one too many blocks on each end of that diagonal, but really, it's lovely.


Of course, with a grid like this, getting started is sometimes tricky, because you've got long answers going Across and Down. I thought I'd recognize "Rhyming ice cream treat," but I couldn't think of it immediately, so I went with the Downs, and my first thought on "Response between a smile and a belly laugh" (CHUCKLE) was right on. I saw "Woodstock headliner," and immediately thought of HENDRIX, but I didn't allow myself to put it in, because after all, this is Friday!

By the time I had CLE (The Browns, on scoreboards), OTRO (Oaxacan "other"), APIECE, and CARGAME (I Spy or Backseat Bingo), CHOCOTACO became clear, and soon that whole section was done. HELLTOPAY (What there will be if you cross the wrong person) and UNDERWIRE (Boob tube?) were fun, unexpected answers, but they weren't as surprising as BADASS (Fierce) over in the NE corner!

Now that I'm looking it over again, I see SCARYSTORY, DOUBLEDARE, CHOCOTACO, and MADHATTER in what could be construed as "theme" positions, and while I know it's not a theme, I think it could be forced into a Halloween idea. The top, while not practical to give out and carry around all night, at least brings candy treats to mind. SCARYSTORY is obvious, DOUBLEDARE makes me think of "Trick or Treat," and MADHATTER would be a good costume. Anybody with me?

BRAVURA, TITHED, and CAROUSE are all lovely. I didn't know VENA (Certain blood vessel, to a physician), ENOCH (Eldest son of Cain), or SANSA (____ Stark, role for which Sophie Turner was Emmy-nominated), but they all worked themselves out. I don't love the look of that GOA, and there's a little French glue (EAU, SOMME), but there was plenty of good stuff to balance it out.

- Horace

p.s. Overall, it went pretty fast for me (7:53) which means I can expect sub-fives from Colum and Philbo. :)


  1. 5:36 for me.. over to you Colum! :) I got VENA from VENA CAVA, the big vein(s) bringing all the body's blood back to the heart. (Vaguely remember that from primary school) I don't think we have CHOCOTACOs up here in the Great White North. Does that really rhyme??

  2. I loved this puzzle! Great words, and I didn't mind the little bit o' glue since it gave me a food hold on some answers. Clues are terrific, too. Sure, Philbo, CHOCO TACO rhymes. Great times for you and Horace...I doubled 'em. At least. :-)

  3. Agreed, CHOCOTACO totally rhymes for most of us below the 49th parallel. Choc and toc rhyme with block. :)

  4. I see. I see. We Canucks would broaden the 'A' of 'TACO' a little bit so they'd only sorta rhyme.