Saturday, October 9, 2021

Saturday, October 9, 2021, August Lee-Kovach

I thought today's puzzle played pretty easy for a Saturday. I TORE through the assemblage of fill-in-the-blank clues ("Smart ___" (ALEC), "___ -o'-shanter" (TAM), "____ film" (FEATURE)) and early-week C/APs like "Units of land, with or without the first letter" (PLOTS) and "Boo-boo" (OWIE), until I reached the southwest section where my RATE began to WANE. In that corner were gathered a clutch of unfamiliar answers like NODRAMA and HELLENE, and the always-to-be-avoided OVOIDAL (OOF). Sadly, Dear Readers, my recent re-read of the HP books did not come to my aid for 55A: "The Grim, in the Harry Potter books" (OMEN). Despite the MUSS, I eventually completed the area without ADES and EMERIL'ed victorious. 

The mid-section of the puzzle with the staggered set of nine-letter answers includes some solid fill especially ALLABOARD and FAIRSHAKE. I thought both parts of the C/AP "Hullabaloo" and DIN were nice. I also enjoyed:
"Pop group?" (FAM)
"Soft or hard finish" (WARE)
"Left on board, say" (PORT)
"It's all over the papers" (INK)

Far be it for me to complain about a puzzle that I was able to complete quickly and with ACURASy, but I confess I do like a SPRACH more challenge on a Saturday.


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  1. I agree Frannie! This wasn't as punishing as Saturdays can often be. I didn't get GRIM either until the crossers came to the rescue. But of course CANADA was a gimmie :) 7:14, very satisfactory for a Sat grid...